The Best Cannabis Stocks Trending? – Marijuana Stocks (press release) (blog)

That that is one of the most complex questions I see asked across investor networks, social media streams, there are a few ways we can target for this long hunted answer.
First thing you need is a proper Micro Cap Investor Scanner, tuned with the ability to spit out only companies that relate to Marijuana Stocks. You then want to tell it to only show you companies that are fully reporting, and posting good Revenues.

Don’t worry about the Earnings for now; this will be more of something you have to search for once you have a handful of prospected companies. The key points you want to hunt is, does the Best Cannabis Stocks trend in the U.S. or Canada?

Is the company dealing with Hemp, editable, etc. which area are they targeting?
What is the current share structure, how much money have they raised through offerings, are there any prop firms helping them. You can also search for the Best Weed Stocks, just to broaden your search results.

I really feel Marijuana related investments are going to see a huge movement in the near term, now that we have seen bitcoin shoot up the last 2 days over 8,100 and the market trying to regain its traction you bet the next sector to see movement is the MJ sector.

Banks releasing earnings today is hurting the market with the DIJA losing over 400 points causing a frenzy panic with a lot of large institutions selling positions. But this may be a scare tactic perhaps to pull the market back some more to force stabilization?

Either case the stock market trending down is going to eventually bounce back. Maybe next week maybe in 14 days. But it is coming in the near term, and guess what?

Cannabis Stocks will

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