The Ghost MV1 Wants to be the Tesla of Vaporizers, and Vaping Herbs to be the Next Hot Wellness Trend – W Magazine

The term self-care first flashed across my feeds, as it did for a lot of people, after the 2016 election. The concept wasn’t new but it dovetailed perfectly with the moment. As stress levels surged for over half of all American citizens—this according to the American Psychological Association, but undoubtedly true anecdotally as well—many turned to pampering themselves, especially their skin, as though they’d been neglected for years. (See: the myriad of think pieces on “skin care” that followed.) The unspoken belief being, of course, that if you nourish your outer self, your inner self will heal.

This version of self-care has driven our growing fascination with aesthetic treatments (and sales, of course), but at least one product is banking on a coming turn to mental self-care: The Ghost, a luxury vaporizer whose latest design, the MV1, already has a waiting list ahead of its launch and has slickly packaged the notion of ingesting herbs as homeopathic remedies. Like with skin care or juicing, another health and wellness trend the Ghost’s makers liken their product to, the goal is to curate an organic self-care routine.

“We’re at this time when there’s so many people looking to try out different things related to health and wellness,” Tara Kelly, the company’s president, told me over the phone. “If you’re leading a healthy and active lifestyle, it’s an alternative to things like drinking coffee or what you’ve used to relax… The herbal vaping community has been around for years but [this] is the product to take herbal vaping mainstream.”

It goes something like this: Instead of waking up to a green tea—an antioxidant that can do everything from improve your blood flow and lower your cholesterol to improve memory—just vape it. Rather than getting an afternoon energy boost from a cup of coffee,

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