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The Legalization of Marijuana Could Reduce Alcoholism

Across the U.S., people are indulging in a drug that is imposing huge costs on themselves and society. It’s called alcohol, and its excessive use has led to approximately 88,000 deaths per year. A growing body of research suggests marijuana could lower that number, since people who smoke pot tend to drink less.

Or, put another way, marijuana is not a gateway drug but a replacement drug that — when properly regulated — could, on measure, lead to a net improvement in public health.

Most marijuana is consumed by people with a high school degree or less, and therefore relatively little earning power; that means they are significantly more responsive to the price drops that usually accompany decriminalization. That means a broad shift toward legalization is very likely to lead to a significant increase in pot consumption.

But according to the academic blog, JSTOR Daily

Even if smoking increases, there are intriguing suggestions that this means drinking will decline. That change alone could have a huge impact on public health. “The social costs of alcohol are pretty darn high,” said D. Mark Anderson, an economist at Montana State University who has conducted several studies on public health and marijuana policy. His own research suggests that alcohol and marijuana are substitutes for each other, not complements: in other words, if marijuana becomes easier to acquire, people may use it instead of alcohol, not on top of it. “If the substitution effect is large, then increasing marijuana consumption could really provide public health benefits,” Anderson said in an interview.

Though some lab experiments have suggested that people under the influence of THC, marijuana’s psychoactive component, are likelier than drunk people to overestimate the degree to which they are impaired and take more precautionary measures, such …read more