Toronto Dispensaries Unite Against the Government of Ontario (Interview) – Greencamp (blog)

Canadian cannabis dispensary owner, Kyle McKay, and the owners association “Vote For Dispensaries” are planning on protesting Ontario’s cannabis legislation.

We had the chance to have a talk with Kyle, owner of On The Go Releaf, a marijuana dispensary in Hamilton, ON regarding the new laws and regulations being implemented by the Ontario government and their plan to tackle this.

Do you support the new proposed laws?

“I definitely do not support the new laws. How I feel is kind of betrayed actually. The government is trying to control everything, without us little guys getting to have a piece of the cake. It’s just not fair. I keep seeing more and more on the news and I’m appalled.”

Do you think mostly big corporations would be involved in the cannabis industry since small business owners are being left out?

“Yeah. I don’t even know what to say about that, I’m kinda mind-boggled regarding the whole situation.”

Do you think this will affect your business?

“It definitely will affect my business. Can’t say what’s gonna happen but i’m gonna stay open as long as I can.

In Hampton we have a group called “Vote for dispensaries”, the organization of all the dispensary owners. We write petitions and try to get the city council members that aren’t on board with us to change their mind and help us with this problem. We collect data and opinions and we present those options to them. But since the announcement it all kinda went to shit.”

Do you think this decision will push more cannabis users back towards the black market?

“The government won’t have control. The LCBO is going to have to purchase their supply from the LP’s which is completely overpriced at the moment.

LCBO will also have to tax the cannabis they

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