Town discusses medical marijuana dispensary – My Eastern Shore

CENTREVILLE — The Centreville Town Council heard Aug. 17 from community members and discussed proposed amendments regarding zoning ordinances that would apply to medical marijuana dispensaries operating in town limits.

The town was approached by Hippocratic Growth to place a dispensary in the medical park adjacent to the Food Lion shopping center on Route 213. A Walgreens pharmacy is currently operating at one end of the shopping center.

Council President Tim McCluskey said the town attorney has advised them the town cannot prohibit the use or placement of a medical marijuana facility as per the direction of the Maryland Attorney General. Local government however can take into consideration the appropriate zoning and ensure that the applicant and location choice fall within the designated zoning areas and requirements.

Resident Peter Schafer, president of the Providence Farm Homeowners Association, asked the council, “Why do we need [a marijuana dispensary] here? Will it be good or bad for the town?”

Another resident said as a mother she was firmly opposed to a dispensary in Centreville. She said she feared that with marijuana legalized for medical use or otherwise that had less of a stigma and youth would be more likely to find it acceptable to use.

The councilmen allowed citizens three minutes each to speak.

Ashley Herr of Kingstown, who is Chief Executive Officer for Hippocratic Growth, said she believed the location they were intending to use was very appropriate, given they were in a park designated for medical office buildings and that they would be conducting business during standard business hours. The dispensary itself would not be open to the general public, only those with a written prescription from a licensed practitioner, she said.

Herr said they would have a very high level of security and have followed all the licensing requirements

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