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The keynote sessions at the Cannabis 2018 Cultivation Conference March 13 in Oakland, Calif., featured Rare Dankness’ Scott Reach speaking on his unique viewpoint as a grower who built a state-of-the art cultivation operation and Clade9’s David Holmes, BioAgronomics Group’s Robert C. Clarke and Mojave Richmond and writer, photographer and consultant Mel Frank sharing advice on the most important aspects of breeding new varieties. Here are some key insights they imparted to attendees during their sessions.

“What I Learned from My First Year as a Large-Scale Cultivator” – Scott Reach 1. Automation helps increase quality control, consistency and efficiency.

Automating processes in your facility can help increase quality control and consistency, Reach said. For example, automating irrigation ensures that each plant receives the same amount of water each day by removing the opportunity for an employee to give each one a slightly different amount manually with a hose. Reach’s facility also has an irrigation room that can recapture 100 percent of the operation’s water for maximum efficiency.

2. A clean facility and clean employees help prevent pest outbreaks.

Reach’s employees have clothes and shoes that stay in the facility, so they cannot bring in outside elements like pathogens and pests. Many workers also tend their own personal gardens when off the clock, he said, and changing out of their street clothes when they come to work ensures that they cannot bring outbreaks from their grows into Reach’s facility.

3. Appreciate the reality of your situation.

Day-to-day operations, operating in an ever-changing and fluid market and finding passionate people to hire for your business make running your operation a much bigger task than simply growing cannabis, Reach said. Cultivators must deal with issues as they arise, minimize downtime when equipment breaks down and continue to look toward the future to survive

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