Volunteer seeks petition signatures, medical cannabis – Daily Herald

Dear Editor:

Local volunteers with the Utah Patients Coalition have been collecting signatures in Sanpete County for several weeks.

Volunteering for this project has been a journey that has opened my eyes to the vast numbers of people who are suffering here in our county because of the laws that have limited patient access to the cannabis herb that brings relief from pain, minimizes and may even eliminate seizures in children and adults, stops the involuntary twitches of Parkinson’s, aids with cancer and chemo-therapy, is an aid for many suffering from autoimmune diseases, and more.

From Utah, more than 2,400 of the more fortunate families who suffer from these and other conditions have moved to Colorado in order to get the relief they or their loved ones need.

The less fortunate wish for that opportunity and look forward to a time when medical cannabis will be legal in Utah. This is a humanitarian effort for residents and voters in Utah.

The petitions that are now circulating in our county are specifically to put the medical cannabis initiative on the Utah ballot for 2018 so Utah voters can vote for the legalization of medical cannabis.

The initiative, which limits use to medical need only, can be read in its entirety at https://www.utahpatients.org/.

The more basic points (taken from the Utah Patients web site) are that the initiative is designed to protect terminally and seriously ill patients with specific debilitating medical conditions from arrest and prosecution if they are using medical cannabis pursuant to their doctor’s recommendation.

Further it will prohibit public use of cannabis, driving under the influence of cannabis, and smoking cannabis, and will allow monitoring through an established electronic verification system administered by the department of health and will establish restrictions on the locations of medical cannabis businesses, require

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