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Liquid feeding–the process of applying nutrients with a liquid mixture–is the most common way to provide a cannabis garden with the nutrients needed to thrive. Used with soils or other growing mediums, liquid fertilizers may be the only input or utilized in conjunction with other feeding methods.

Liquid feeding begins by preparing a solution in a mixing tank with water. This solution is fed to the roots to promote healthy, strong growth. Because liquid nutrients are readily available to the roots, they are fast-acting–which can also damage your plants if you feed them too much.


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In this article, we’ll look into what makes liquid fertilizer unique, as well as when and how to liquid feed cannabis plants.

Advantages of Using Liquid Fertilizer for Cannabis (Leafly)

Liquid feeding is the go-to method for both soil and soilless cannabis gardens. In soilless setups, liquid mixtures allow precise control over what nutrients make their way into your cannabis plants. With soil-based grows, you can easily give your plants a boost by applying liquid fertilizer if the soil doesn’t provide enough nutrients to sustain your plants. This precise method of feeding has given rise to some of the best and most consistent cannabis in the world.

When to Use Liquid Fertilizer for Cannabis

Your liquid feeding schedule depends on the type of cannabis garden you’re raising. If you’re running a hydroponic setup, you will regularly expose your roots to nutrient-rich solutions.


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On the other hand, if growing in soil, you should liquid feed every other watering–if not less–depending on the complexity of your soil. At the very minimum, you might only liquid feed a few times

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