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Looking to spend some time in Europe, enjoy its rich history, and sample some quality cannabis while you’re at it? The Czech Republic and its stunning capital of Prague is one of your best bets.

Prague: The good and the bad

Cannabis is incredibly popular in Czechia, and in Prague it’s a familiar aroma as you explore the city streets. The upshot? The capital’s busiest intersections and tourist spots are occupied by suspicious-looking dealers. While strolling through Wenceslas Square, the city’s largest and most famous plaza, you hear the question Want some weed or hash? almost constantly.

“When I examined it thoroughly at home, I realized I had bought hash mixed with asphalt.”

Our advice? Never engage in conversation with these people or even think about buying something from them. You’ll likely be disappointed.

According to Lubos Pirkl, who used to study math and physics in Prague, buying cannabis on the street can be a nightmare. “Before moving here, I lived in a village and grew my own cannabis in a greenhouse,” he recalled. “My favorite strain was Durban Poison, an early-flowering sativa that used to be extremely popular with outdoor growers in Czechia before autoflowering strains took over. One night, out of pure curiosity, I decided to try some hashish that an Arab guy offered me in a busy tourist location. It was very expensive, underweight, the taste was awful, and it made me almost sick. When I examined it thoroughly at home, I realized I had bought hash mixed with asphalt.”

Street dealers are the most obvious sign that cannabis sales are still illegal in Czechia. But while selling is frowned upon, possession and consumption are widely tolerated. So while all cannabis sales in the country are technically illegal, some are safer than others. Savvy consumers use a

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