'They should take notice': RCMP prepare to crack down on illegal cannabis dispensaries – CTV News

All marijuana dispensaries operating in Moncton without a licence, except for one that was closed, have been issued warnings from the RCMP.

“They should take notice of the notice of enforcements that have already been issued,” says Const. Julie Rogers-Marsh of Codiac RCMP.

Const. Rogers-Marsh says more could be on the way across the province, but won’t say where or when.

“We’re not going to get into our tactics and operations, but they have certainly been advised of what the ramifications will be sure they continue to operate illegally,” Const. Rogers Marsh says.

The RCMP say it is important to remind cannabis dispensaries that they do not have a proper licence and are operating illegally.

“It’s important they were notified of our concerns,” says Const. Rogers-Marsh. “They have 14 days to cease and desist operations and they were explains the ramifications should they continue to operate illegally.”

That includes the seizure of inventory and possible arrest of store owners and patrons.

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant wouldn’t comment directly about the RCMP warnings, but did say the law is the law.

“It’s important for people to follow the law as it is right now,” Gallant said Tuesday. “We are trying to act in a very responsible way which includes being as transparent as possible so people can see what the rules will be when the legalization of cannabis happens.”

Two other cannabis dispensaries outside of Moncton were issued the same warnings from RCMP a couple months ago. One closed and the other was raided. Const. Julie Rogers-Marsh hopes that confirms to the dispensaries in Moncton that police are serious about their warning.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.

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