11 Best SF Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries of 2022 To Medicate Safely – SFist

When I grew up in San Francisco, we were a city of alternative artists, hippies, and stoners. While that hasn’t entirely changed, SF is now also a city of technology and on-demand everything. The past few years has certainly increased the adoption rates for real-time delivery to your door. In fairness, there was actually a thriving cannabis delivery industry here in the Bay Area long before you could place an order through a website, but we can’t say for sure if the contact in your flip phone listed as “Pot Dave” was paying his taxes and fully licensed.

Regardless, times have changed for the better. With a few clicks, you can browse hundreds of curated cannabis products from edibles to tinctures to vapes to flower. Add another taps of the mouse and you can expect your marijuana order to be at your door in less than an hour, in some cases. We pull together the top contenders by collecting a combination of user reviews, popularity, quality of reviews, brand recognition, and SFist staffmember opinion. With this list of the top on-demand cannabis delivery services in San Francisco, we’ve got you covered whether you roll it up, eat it, or put

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