2 teens taken into custody for robbing north Tulsa dispensary – KOKI FOX 23 TULSA

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Police responded to a dispensary break-in near M.L.K. Junior Boulevard and East 36th Street North in north Tulsa at 4 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

When officers arrived at the business they found a shattered window, bent security bars, where it appeared that a suspect had gained entry into the building and two bicycles parked outside of the front door.

Police immediately announced their presence and ordered the suspects to exit the premises.

It appeared that the suspects attempted to flee out of a side door which only trapped the two inside a courtyard area, surrounded by two tall fences and two sides of the building.

Authorities continued to give commands through the PA system.

The suspects tried to use their backpacks of stolen loot to break out of their confinement. The suspects refused to comply with police orders and remove their hands from their pockets. Instead, they continued to make several attempts to escape but were unsuccessful, officers say.

Police then deployed a few pepper balls into the area, which convinced the suspects to surrender.

The business owner arrived and unlocked the courtyard. The suspects were then taken into custody.

Investigators say that about $2,300 worth of loot was recovered from the suspects’

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