How a Degrassi Child Star Became a Leading Academic Voice on Legalizing Weed

Rebecca Haines-Saah played a teen experimenting with drugs. Today, she researches youth substance use.

When Rebecca Haines-Saah was 13, she saw an ad in the Toronto Sun looking for teenagers to star in what would become a cult classic Canadian TV show. Having experience in dance and theatre — she already had an agent — she showed up to the audition with a pink, cable-knit sweater and loads of teenage ambition.

The show was Degrassi Junior High, the drama that dealt with teen pregnancy, underage drinking and drug use. For many children growing up in the 1980s, it would become a cultural treasure.

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The Top 10 Cannabis Studies of 2018

It’s that time again – here is our sixth annual Top Cannabis Studies of the Year list. 

Continuing the trend of the past several years, 2018 provided us with a massive amount of peer-reviewed research demonstrating the wide-ranging benefits of cannabis and the liberation of laws surrounding it. With that in mind, this year was as big a challenge as ever to narrow these studies down to the top 10, but after much thought and debate that’s what we’ve done!

Below is our list of the 10 most important cannabis studies of the year (in no particular order):

Study: Medical Cannabis Legalization Associated with Reduced Violent Crimes in States Bordering Mexico

Study: Cannabinoid Receptors a Promising Target for the Treatment of Suicidal Behavior

Study: Cannabinoids May Inhibit Tumor Growth in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Study: CBD Reduces Cocaine Intake

Study: Marijuana Legalization Associated With Reduction in Crime, Drug and Alcohol Use

Study: Marijuana Use Associated With Reduced Mortality Following Orthopedic Surgery

Study: Legalizing Medical Marijuana Associated with a 33.7% Reduction in Workplace Fatalities Among Those Aged 25 to 44

Study: Long-Term Marijuana

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Cannabis-Infused Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

A fully loaded chocolate bark is always a good call when it comes to DIY giftables. I’m a sucker for sweet and salty combinations so salted caramel and pretzels are my go-to. Toss the bark in a cute container and you’ve got yourself the perfect treat for friends, family, and colleagues.

Right now is the season to be merry, but it’s also prime time for festive stress. Up the ante this year by introducing a little sous vide cannabis-infused butter* into the recipe to take the edge off the holiday frenzy. Save this recipe for party treats or birthday gifts too! You can make this recipe friendly for everyone by replacing the cannabis butter with regular butter.

Makes about 60 small pieces, Serving: 1 piece.

– Read the entire article at KQED News.

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Four Recreational Cannabis Stores Open in Massachusetts

Update: Two years after Massachusetts voters approved Question 4 legalizing the recreational use and sale of marijuana, two stores opened on Nov. 20Cultivate in Leicester and New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Northampton. At Cultivate, pot patrons paid from $19 to $420 for flower products.

In Northampton, Mayor David Narcewicz was first on line at NETA; he purchased an infused chocolate bar for $20. “It’s just a historic moment for the commonwealth and for the city,” he crowed. “I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Update: Two more stores have opened since then: Alternative Therapies Group (ATG) in Salem and Veralife in Wareham.

Back in June, the Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), tasked by the legislature and governor to draft and implement the establishment of a retail cannabis industry, publicly indicated that their self-directed date to open non-medical cannabis retail outlets, July 1, would not be realized.

The Commission’s intent was to avoid mistake-laden employee background checks, consumer chaos and confusion and product inventory problems that occurred in the six previous states that created commercial cannabis markets (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada and California).

NORTHAMPTON MAYOR DAVID NARCEWICZ: “It’s just a historic moment for the commonwealth and

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Oregon Approves Medical Marijuana Deliveries, Increases Purchase Limits

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has approved several changes to the state’s medical marijuana program.

The commission, which oversees Oregon’s medical marijuana law, has given approval to a change in the state’s law that allows the medicine to be delivered to patients or their caregiver. The commission also passed an increase in the amount of medical marijuana a patient can purchase to eight ounces in a single day and up to 32 ounces in a single month.

In addition, the commission voted to allow wholesale license holders to provide retailers with samples.

The change in law allowing medical marijuana to be delivered unfortunately doesn’t apply to recreational marijuana.

Oregon legalized medical marijuana in 1998 through the initiative process, with 54% voting in favor. In 2014, the state legalized marijuana for all purposes.

The new  medical marijuana rules go into effect on December 29, 2019.

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Vancouver’s First Licensed Retail Cannabis Store to Open This Weekend

This coming weekend marks a big step for the Lower Mainland’s retail cannabis space.

On Saturday, December 29, 2018, Evergreen Cannabis Society will be re-opening to the public as Vancouver’s first licensed retail cannabis store.

The news comes less than two weeks after the BC Supreme Court ordered all illegal cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver to close down.

The announcement also comes after what might have been months of tedious application work.

– Read the entire article at Daily Hive.

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Israeli Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Export of Medical Marijuana

The Israeli Parliament (the “Knesset”), passed a 16th amendment to Dangerous Drugs Ordinance on December 25, that concerns the governance and regulatory aspects of exporting medical cannabis from Israel. Subsequently, Israel is poised to be a top-earning, global hub in the marijuana market.

The Knesset’s measure was approved unanimously by 21 votes. Following the vote, the Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, approved. (Minister Gilad previously disapproved such measures; however, his party is currently up for re-election.)

The bill passed the Knesset’s internal affairs committee and two additional votes in the Knesset’s grand hall. The legislation authorizes the Israeli Police to conduct supervision of cannabis farms, and grant approvals for cultivating, growing and exporting of cannabis and cannabis-related products. Police involvement clears a legal obstacle necessary for the final approval of export of medical cannabis from the country, during 2019, expectedly.

– Read the entire article at Forbes.

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Aloha Green Apothecary is Growing Stunning Legal Medical Bud in Hawaii

At the center of the Pacific Ocean, America’s 50th state has finally begun producing medicinal pot in this Polynesian archipelago. Take a trip inside Aloha Green Apothecary, the first state-licensed facility cultivating and selling medical marijuana for the patients of Hawaii.

Pot in Paradise

Nobody knows when marijuana first appeared in Hawaii, but the remote islands have been inextricably linked to the legend of the pakalolo, or numbing leaf, for centuries. The combination of rich volcanic soil, plentiful sunshine, tropical breezes and abundant rainfall proved irresistible to resourceful locals looking to produce their own tropical cannabis. Guerrilla weed growers thrived in their camouflaged hilltop plots, growing cannabis crops year-round for the insatiable appetites of the laid-back island populace.

Over time, strains brought to the islands from across the oceans adapted and acclimated to Hawaii’s unique environment and were passed down from generation to generation. These exotic varieties, such as Kona Gold, Puna Budder and, of course, the legendary Maui Wowie, inspired generations of surfers and hippies looking for the signature “electric” buzz. Old-timers still rave about the uplifting aspects of these sativa-dominant strains, eagerly reminiscing about their mildly hallucinogenic high with no “ceiling”—a toker could keep puffing and puffing and

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Consumers Are Paying for Government’s Failure to Understand Cannabis

David Clement is the North American affairs manager with the Consumer Choice Center.

Cannabis is a unique and versatile product. Unfortunately, regulators at all levels fail to really understand how cannabis is used, which has led to numerous policy mishaps. Simply put, federal, provincial and municipal legislators have made many mistakes when it comes to cannabis regulations. These mistakes have hindered consumers when it comes to price, supply and access.

Consumers nationwide are faced with prices that are much higher than what is otherwise available in the black market. Prices are inflated from a variety of different sources, which include: the 10 per cent federal excise tax, the 2.3 per cent federal revenue tax, various compliance and security fees, and additional sin taxes such as Manitoba’s “social responsibility fee.” The ever growing tax burden, which is ultimately paid for by consumers, is rightly raising some eyebrows with those who are wanting to purchase cannabis legally.

– Read the entire article at The Globe and Mail.

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Health Canada Recalls More Strains From Troubled Cannabis Producer

14 lots of Bonify dried cannabis being recalled for record-keeping issues, labelling mistakes.

A commercial cannabis producer in Winnipeg under investigation for selling unapproved cannabis products has been hit with a second recall notice.

Health Canada announced Monday it is recalling 14 additional lots of Bonify dried cannabis as a precautionary measure.

Last week, Manitoba’s Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority and the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corp. announced Bonify cannabis had been seized from the province’s retailers and delisted after two strains from the producer were recalled in Saskatchewan earlier this month over contamination issues.

– Read the entire article at CBC News.

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