Bill Introduced to Allow Colorado Cops to Use Own Judgement in Cannabis DUI Arrests

In Colorado, legislators are considering a bill that would leave the criteria of cannabis DUI arrests entirely up to police officers, getting rid of the current legal bloodstream limit of five nanograms entirely. Proponents of the plan rightfully say that the amount of cannabis in the bloodstream needed to inhibit a driver varies from person to person. What could go wrong with letting cops be the judge of when someone is driving under the influence?

“This will negatively impact people of color and poor people,” Larissa Bolivar of the Cannabis Consumer Coalition told Westword.

State Representative Dylan Roberts introduced House Bill 1146, which would allow officers to make an arrest if there is “evidence to believe that a driver had consumed alcohol or drugs, that the driver was substantially incapable of safely operating a vehicle, and that the driver had any measurable amount of a drug in his or her blood or oral fluid.”

Under the proposed law, no blood or oral fluid test would be required, and the only criteria for arrest would be officers’ opinions of the driver’s capability at the time. The bill would mirror a ruling that was recently reached by a Massachusetts court, which upheld

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Snoop Dogg Facing Legal Issues From Canadian Hockey Team Over Weed Company Logo

There’s hardly a more iconic figure in the canna-game than Snoop Dogg. But it’s partly because of an icon that the rapper-turned-weed mogul is currently facing legal issues from. It all boils down to a trademark dispute with the Toronto Maple Leafs, a flagship franchise of the National Hockey League. The team says Snoop’s signature cannabis brand, Leafs By Snoop, infringes on the trademark and logo of the hockey team.

Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Franchise Dogs Snoop Dogg Over Trademark Dispute

In fact, the Maple Leafs organization has been dogging Snoop Dogg over his cannabis brand’s logo since 2016. That was when the hockey franchise first filed its opposition against the Doggfather. At the time, the NHL team’s parent company, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) had to ask the U.S. trademark office for more time to detail exactly what it opposed.

Snoop Dogg didn’t actually file for a trademark for his cannabis brand until July 2018. Then, in December, MLSE finally filed the legal paperwork challenging Snoop’s trademark. Intellectual property law is intricate and complicated, making it difficult to prove when one company is actually infringing on the IP rights of another. But the Maple Leafs’ case against Leafs

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DEA, Colorado Police Raid 50 Illicit Market Marijuana Grow Houses in Denver

As many as 50 illicit market marijuana grow houses in the Denver metropolitan area were raided early Thursday by DEA agents and state and local police. Dozens of search warrants were served to homeowners and residents, according to Randy Ladd, a spokesman for the DEA’s Denver field office. Local media reported that scores of officers from multiple law enforcement agencies carried out the coordinated raids in cities in Adams and Arapahoe counties.

In the driveway of a home in Commerce City, Colorado, police laid out more than 100 cannabis plants that had been pulled from their pots. Dozens of grow lamps were also seized from the homeowners, who were in the house when officers arrived at 7 am. Another house on the same block of Unity Lane in the Denver suburb was also raided at the same time. More raids were reported to be taking place in the city of Brighton on Thursday morning.

Thursday’s law enforcement action was the third time in five months that officers have conducted multiple coordinated raids against marijuana grow houses in the Denver area. Over the past two years, raids have been carried out in other parts of the metro area including the municipalities of Aurora, Thornton, and

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Property Owners Who Lease to Illicit Weed Businesses May Soon Face Stiff Fines

The City of Los Angeles is on the brink of taking a dramatic measure against illegal cannabis businesses. At a panel event on Jan. 24, Cat Packer, the executive director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, said the City Council will be voting on a measure to fine property owners $20,000 a day if they are found renting to unlicensed marijuana enterprises.

That amount may sound drastic, but technically it’s the law. Measure M, which was passed by LA voters last year, does include a provision that states landowners renting to unlicensed weed businesses are liable for the $20,000 a day amount. But that part of the law has never been enforced.

But that oversight may soon be corrected. “Without enforcement, there can’t be any change,” said Jennifer Tung, who works as chief risk officer at local edibles company Plus Products and who also spoke on the Jan. 24 panel.

City officials have stated that currently, Los Angeles is home to over 170 unlicensed cannabis businesses. The United Cannabis Business Association estimates the number of illegal cannabis enterprises is at 700-800 nationwide.

Business owners have stated that stringent regulatory processes have made it difficult to obtain licenses in a

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CBD Coffee Fans Will Want This CBD Peppermint Chocolate Espresso Recipe

A fancy espresso blend concocted to be just right with a dose of CBD oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the compounds found in cannabis, is at the forefront of the wellness movement these days — and for good reason.

Initial research shows this nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that doesn’t get you high can be useful in the treatment of a number of ailments, including:

chronic pain
skin conditions
some seizure disorders

– Read the entire article at Health Line.

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Cannabis Store in Newfoundland Closes, Blames Lack of Supply

A privately-owned cannabis store in Newfoundland is closing, and the manager says supply issues are largely to blame.

Puff Puff Pass Headshop in Clarenville, N.L., is the province’s first private weed store casualty since recreational marijuana was legalized in October.

It is one of just six private, regulated cannabis retailers in Newfoundland and Labrador, and will shut its doors for good on Thursday.

– Read the entire article at Global News.

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San Francisco Events May Soon Allow Marijuana Sale and Consumption

On Tuesday, San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandelman announced that the city would soon be accepting applications for city permits to allow legal cannabis sales and consumption at public events. That means parades, festivals, concerts, fairs, farmers markets and more could all soon have legal weed available for attendees. And the best part is, those attendees will be able to smoke, vape or otherwise consume that cannabis at the event itself.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Set To Approve Permits for Marijuana Ahead of Annual 420 Event

Every year, San Francisco hosts a 420 event in Golden Gate Park. Dubbed “420 in the Park,” the festival is a gigantic gathering at Hippie Hill. Historically, 420 in the Park has eschewed licenses and permits. But the totally unofficial festival has become massively popular in recent years, thanks to legalization, and thus, more of an issue for city residents. The larger crowds have attracted some violent attendees, harshing everyone’s vibe. And the trash left behind has reportedly been outrageous; as in, 11-tons-of-garbage outrageous.

To attempt to get a handle on things, San Francisco actually permitted the event in 2018. It brought in sponsors, set up fencing around the Sharon Meadows site, beefed up

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Report: Federal Marijuana Legalization Would Create $86 Billion in New Tax Revenue by 2025

New Frontier Data, which claims to be “the authority in data analytics and business intelligence on the global cannabis industry”, today announced new economic data detailing the potential impact of federal cannabis legalization in the United States.

The federal legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis would create $86 billion in additional U.S. tax revenue between 2019 and 2025 and a $56 billion annual U.S. cannabis market by 2025, states the report. The New Frontier Data State of the Cannabis Union 2019 is now available for free download at the following link:

These findings, as well as comments by Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Congressman Lou Correa (D-Calif.) and insights from the world’s first cannabis testing lab Steep Hill and Top 10 U.S. tax firm CohnReznick, were presented during a briefing hosted by New Frontier Data in collaboration with The Liaison Group, a federal advocacy group working with federal lawmakers towards a safe and thriving cannabis economy.

Currently, 33 U.S. states have enacted legal state cannabis programs. Another 14 have approved CBD use, while support among other U.S. states continues to grow.

“Cannabis legalization and decriminalization has not only occurred in nearly 60% of the United States; it is now

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Israel’s Cabinet Approves Export of Medical Cannabis

In a decision that thrilled the country’s cannabis industry, Israel’s cabinet gave a final OK on January 27 to regulations permitting the export of medical marijuana. The law was unanimously passed in the country’s parliamentary body the Knesset in December.

News of the legalization of exportation is a long time coming in the eyes of many Israeli cannabis professionals. A government committee approved a plan to move towards legal exportation in 2017, but the process dragged over concerns about exported cannabis getting into the hands of entities in areas where marijuana is not yet legal.

The decision makes Israel the third participant in the global legal cannabis market. The governments of the Netherlands and Canada also allow for exportation. The global cannabis market, according to a report by Energias Market Research, was projected in 2017 at $8.3 billion, and stands to rise to $28 billion by 2024.

On Monday, Ehud Barak, chairman of Israeli company InterCure, announced plans to launch operations in 10 countries over the next two years.

“I have supported the export of medical cannabis from Israel all along, and I welcome the government’s approval today,” Israel’s finance minister Moshe Kahlon commented to the Jerusalem Post. “The export

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Patients Left in Limbo as Louisiana Experiences Medical Cannabis Delays

Now approaching the fourth year since Louisiana lawmakers passed medical cannabis legislation, patients have been stuck in a frustrating and painstaking wait as treatment remains unavailable.

On Monday, patients and medical cannabis advocates received another disappointing update on the lengthy regulatory and testing process, potentially leaving the recently purported summer 2019 start date in jeopardy. Still unable to obtain treatment from regional pharmacies, there is still no definite timeline for when medical-grade cannabis products will finally come to the Bayou State.  

Gathered at the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s public stakeholders meeting patients, regulators, state-sanctioned growers, and the universities overseeing the process convened to discuss the current state of the stymied medical cannabis program.

Louisiana Patients Grow Weary of More Delays to Medical Cannabis Access

Katie Corkern, a mother and medical cannabis advocate, has pleaded for years with Louisiana lawmakers to make treatment available for her 12-year-old son, Connor, who’s been suffering from debilitating seizures.

At the most recent meeting, she said her son has been to the hospital 15 times since lawmakers passed medical cannabis legislation. Despite Connor’s neurologist recommending that he use medical pot to help control his seizures, Corkern has been unable to get him

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