K9 Unit Discovers 21 lbs of Cannabis in Suitcases at Nashville Airport

A total prohibition state nestled among a number of other total prohibition states, Tennessee is nevertheless a crossroads for U.S. marijuana traffickers. Indeed, today’s bust at the Nashville International Airport is the second there this month. But the 21 pounds of cannabis a police K9 unit discovered in two suitcases pales in comparison to the 160 pounds police dogs found in four suitcases two weeks ago.

Despite Trend Toward Training K9s to Ignore Marijuana, Nashville Police Still Rely on Them for Weed Busts

Since at least 2017, police departments around the U.S. have been phasing out their use of drug-sniffing dogs to detect cannabis. As legalization and decriminalization expand around the country, police are training K9 units to ignore the telltale smells of marijuana. And it’s not just because laws are changing. The fact is that police K9 units don’t always have the most accurate sense of smell. Plenty of charges and false convictions have been thrown out due to the use of drug-detecting animals. Smells linger, trigger false alerts and implicate innocent bystanders. The evidence dogs provide is often inadmissible.

Criticism of drug-sniffing dogs goes back as long as officers have been using them to catch people in possession

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Maine Supreme Court Upholds Eviction of Man Growing His Own Medical Marijuana

Underlining the role that economic class plays in one’s experience of the cannabis legalization movement, Maine resident Olanian Jackson saw his eviction upheld by the state’s Supreme Court after his landlord discovered that Jackson was using state-legal medical marijuana in his home.

The court’s decision highlights the fact that for anyone who lives in federally subsidized housing, the progress that has been made in state-by-state cannabis legalization in the US is simply not enough to ensure one’s safety. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has made it clear that recipients of Section 8 vouchers, or anyone who lives in public housing can be evicted or denied a home based on marijuana usage, regardless of state and local laws.

The injustice led Rolling Stone to ask “If you can’t legally use cannabis in your own home, is weed really legal for you?” in an article profiling Washington DC resident and fibromyalgia patient Sondra Battle. Battle was shocked when her apartment manager posted a notice informing residents that they would be evicted with no appeal should they be found using marijuana, regardless of whether they had a doctor’s recommendation.

In Jackson’s case, the Supreme Court was able to avoid addressing the

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California Lawmakers Consider Reducing Pot Tax to Compete with Illicit Markets

California’s legal cannabis industry still can’t compete with the state’s entrenched illicit market. The reason: fairly simple economics. It just costs too much to go legit. So for the second year in a row, California Assembly Member Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) is backing a bill to give the legal industry a tax reprieve. By temporarily lowering costs for businesses, Bonta hopes the bill will draw more companies, cultivators and consumers (back) into the legal market.

California Lawmakers Take Up Bill to Give Legal Industry a Temporary Tax Break

On Monday, Assemblyman Rob Bonta introduced Assembly Bill 286, the Temporary Cannabis Tax Reduction bill. The proposal, if it passes, would drop California’s excise tax for cannabis retailers down to 11 percent from 15. It would also completely eliminate all cultivation taxes through 2022. In many ways, Bonta’s new bill resembles the bill he introduced in March 2018, which did not pass. The ultimate goal is to reduce the price at the point of sale for consumers. Bonta’s proposal could cut consumer prices 10 percent or more.

From the start of legal retail sales in the state, Bonta and other lawmakers recognized that high taxes would prevent the industry from displacing the illicit

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Where the Green Is: Cannabis Jobs

Here’s some good news about the labor market: The cannabis industry is creating jobs at a rapid pace, a new study from employment site Glassdoor finds.

The industry has more than 1,500 open jobs, a jump of 76 percent from a year earlier. The median salary is $58,511 annually, almost 11 percent higher than the U.S. median. More than half the jobs are for professional and technical workers, such as accountants and marketing experts.
The upshot: Cannabis businesses are creating new jobs for a wide range of professionals.

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Former Dispensary Owner Tamara Hirsh on the Legal Cannabis Game

Some Ontario cannabis retail lottery winners have been offered $7 million for chance to one day buy out licence.

When Tamara Hirsh created Pacifico, a now shuttered cannabis dispensary chain, she hoped it would set the gold standard for what legal stores should look like.

“When I endeavoured with Pacifico I had a goal that I was going to build the benchmark that Health Canada was going to look to as what bricks and mortar would look like,” she said during a recent interview at her home.

“I had lofty ambitions that we were going to get the first licence.”

– Read the entire article at The Hamilton Spectator.

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Canada’s Largest Marijuana Retailer is Making Cannabis-Infused Kombucha and Here’s Where You’ll Be Able to Get It

Zenabis Global Inc. is partnering with True Buch, Canada’s largest cannabis retailer to serve cannabis kombucha drinks to Canadians across the country.

If you’re a fan of cannabis and a fan of kombucha, you’ll be excited to hear that Calgary cannabis company, Zenabis has officially acquired a 51% stake in a True Buch, a Canadian kombucha company. In addition to this exciting news, the company has decided to release their own line of cannabis-infused kombucha drinks for Canadians to enjoy.

Zenabis Global Inc. is one of Canada’s largest cannabis companies known for selling, educating, and growing all things cannabis. The worldwide recognized company has recently signed a new partnership with the Calgary based kombucha making company True Buch.

– Read the entire article at Narcity.

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Cannabis Stocks Look Set to Flourish Thanks to Trump’s 2018 Farm Bill

A non-psychoactive cannabis compound more commonly known as CBD is “poised to flourish” thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, signed into law by President Donald Trump.

That’s according to analysts at Canaccord Genuity who have published a list of their favorite stocks as the cannabis industry takes off.

The 2018 Farm Bill has removed all cannabis fibre products with less than a 0.3 percent concentration of the psychoactive element tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) from the Controlled Substances Act.

– Read the entire article at CNBC News.

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Former Trump Aide Announces Involvement in Medical Marijuana Startup

Last September, biopharmaceutical company C3 International quietly announced the launch of the company’s flagship pain management pill, Idrasil. Idrasil is a medical cannabis pill and C3 claims it’s the first standardized form of the drug. And to help develop policy and a marketing strategy for the pill, C3 International has enlisted the counsel of George Papadopoulos, fresh off his 14-day stint in the clink for lying to the FBI during their investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia. On Tuesday, Papadopoulos announced he had joined the Board of Advisors of C3 International, Inc. on Twitter.

Disgraced Trump Campaign Aide Will Advise Medical Cannabis Startup on Product Marketing

It would take a long memory (by today’s standards) to remember that George Papadopoulos was one of the first of President Trump’s campaign advisors to go down as a result of the Mueller investigation. In fact, the same month C3 International announced the launch of Idrasil, September 2018, Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in federal prison for lying to investigators in January 2017.

Papadopoulos served his time in December. Currently, he is on a 12-month supervised release, aka parole. But parole doesn’t prevent Papadopoulos from starring in a docuseries about

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Russia May Authorize Cannabis Imports for Scientific Research

Russia may be en route to more scientific studies on marijuana. Last week, Russia’s health ministry proposed a bill that would raise the amount of cannabis that’s legal to import into the country— for the study of the plant’s “addiction-causing capacities,” RT.com reports.

The proposed legislation would make it legal for the ministry to import 1.1 kilograms of cannabis, 300 grams of hashish, and 50 grams of hash oil. The amount of THC the ministry is legally allowed to import would rise from 10 grams to 50 grams per year.

No other usage besides scientific purposes would be allowed under the proposed regulations.

The regulation draft cited recent studies that have compelled the World Health Organization (WHO) to conduct its first review of cannabis’ scheduling since the 1961 and ’71 International Drug Conventions. The WHO’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence released a report last year underlining its belief that CBD is a low-risk substance that has documented health benefits, and called marijuana a “relatively safe drug.” The report also gave credence to scientific data that’s been published suggesting cannabis can play a role in fighting cancer.

In recent years, Russia has taken a hard line on the legalization of cannabis,

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Re-Inventing the “Pothead” (Who Uses Cannabis These Days, Anyway?)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Short answer: nearly everyone, with more converts everyday.

Cannabis, now “legal” in many jurisdictions, is becoming an accepted therapeutic and recreational alternative. Senior citizens now represent the fastest growing demographic of cannabis user.

For many of those who’ve lived thought times of prohibition, the present days can feel like a fairy tale. Legalization news can surprise and shock even the most informed reader, and many of us have found ourselves facing our news outlet with an open mouth.

Although the panorama of legal cannabis changes everyday, years of prohibition have accustomed us to prevailing misconceptions that are far from what the current market data is showing, and this has particular impact in the way we perceive and conceive the average cannabis consumer.

Luckily, as well as opening up the game to a whole new spectrum of users, legalization also brings us the chance to get a clear understanding of exactly who these new players are, and help us get to know every trait of the ‘Modern-Day Pothead’.

The Birth of the ‘Traditional Pothead’

In spite of cannabis’ major role in shaping the way we think and perceive the world around us since immemorial times, prohibition policies that

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