Humboldt Farms Handing Out Bouquets To Celebrate Los Angeles Debut

California is in super bloom, a dramatic ramp-up of its wildflower population caused by the state’s recent heavy rain and ideal warmth conditions. Perhaps touring the poppy fields in Antelope Valley or Anza-Borrego Desert State Park’s lilies and primroses is the perfect stoned activity. At any rate, the super bloom has one California cannabis company thinking floral. Throughout the weekend of March 30th, Humboldt Farms is celebrating its products’ arrival to Los Angeles by passing out flower bouquets to dispensary customers.

The company is aiming for nature vibes with its product line, which includes flower, resin, and vape cartridges. Lisa Curiel Parker, Humboldt Farms communication and marketing manager, hyped that earthy link when she told High Times about this weekend’s flower giveaway with LA’s The Unlikely Florist, calling the company “completely in tune to the beautiful nature in the state.”

Humboldt Farms was founded in 2016, and puts a focus on sourcing sun-grown cannabis from farmers who have been in the Northern California cannabis industry for upwards of a decade.

“Humboldt Farms is a family business and knows the county’s rich history,” says Curiel Parker. The company likes to hype the fact that indoor cannabis grow ops constitute 3 percent

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Kansas House Approves Bill to Allow Use of CBD With Small Amounts of THC

The Kansas House of Representatives approved a bill on Wednesday that would allow the use of CBD oil with small amounts of THC by people with debilitating medical conditions. The measure, House Bill 2244, was passed by a vote of 89-35 early on Wednesday morning. The bill will now head to the state Senate for consideration.

HB 2244, also known as “Claire and Lola’s Law,” would give a legal defense to adults with debilitating medical conditions who use CBD oil containing up to 5 percent THC or the parents of seriously ill children who do so. Rep. Susan Humphries, a Republican from Wichita, said that sick people in the state should have the option to use cannabidiol medicinally.

“CBD oil is a remedy,” Humphries said. “It’s a medical treatment that many families in Kansas would like to use for their children with debilitating diseases or their selves.”

The bill is named for Claire and Lola Hartley, two sisters with a rare condition known as microcephaly which causes children to be born with underdeveloped brains and abnormally small heads and can lead to a host of other serious medical conditions.  The girls’ parents, Gwen and Scott Hartley, say that CBD oil could help save

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59 Percent of Pennsylvania Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana

Pennsylvania has seen a number of important changes to its marijuana laws in recent years. The biggest change was the legalization of medical marijuana.

Now, there is a rapidly growing movement to legalize recreational weed. And results from a new survey show high levels of popular support for this change. In fact, a majority of Pennsylvania voters now report supporting the legalization of recreational cannabis.

New Survey Results: Pennsylvanians Support Legalization

The new survey was carried out by researchers at Franklin and Marshall College. Researchers working on the project published results earlier today.

Arguably the most important data point coming out of the survey shows that a majority of survey respondents support legalization. Specifically, 59 percent of all those who participated in the survey said they are in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis.

As reported by local news source ABC27, this number represents big-time gains in popular support since the college first began conducting the survey.

Franklin and Marshall researchers first asked Pennsylvanians about marijuana back in May 2006. That year, only 22 percent of respondents supported the idea of legalizing recreational weed. Now, 13 years later that number has nearly tripled.

This year’s findings come from a survey of 540

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Cannabis Banking Bill Clears House Finance Committee

With a 45 to 15 vote Thursday, the House Financial Services Committee has advanced a major federal marijuana reform bill that would significantly expand legal cannabis businesses’ access to financial services. The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act is just the third standalone cannabis bill to clear a congressional committee. And while no floor action is currently scheduled, a Democratic majority and an unprecedented 152 co-sponsors makes lawmakers confident that the SAFE Act will clear its full House vote easily and put pressure on the Senate to take action.

Landmark Cannabis Banking Bill Kicks Off Federal Marijuana Reform Agenda

One of the most substantial obstacles blocking cannabis industry growth has been its lack of access to even the most basic financial services. Federally backed and regulated financial institutions have been extremely reluctant to take on cannabis industry clients, despite wanting to, since doing so would expose them to federal money laundering and other financial crime charges.

Without access to banks, cannabis companies have largely operated on a cash-only basis, covering everything from payroll to taxes to inventory with liquid capital. The security, safety and transparency problems this gives rise to have been well-documented. And the industry, along with banks,

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Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey Goes Back to Drawing Board

The effort to to legalize marijuana in New Jersey ground to a halt March 25 when Senate President Stephen Sweeney decided there wasn’t enough votes to pass Senate Bill 2703.

“It’s really more of a pause than a defeat,” says William Caruso, a lawyer at Archer & Greiner PC and a member of New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform, who helped craft the state’s medical program. “It was the first time ever a bill on adult-use cannabis came within one or two votes in the Senate of becoming a law. The goal now is to figure out where they’re short. There’s a break now for the Legislature to work on the budget and legalization will be back on the agenda in May and June.”

The measure had support in the Assembly, but would have fallen a few votes short in the Senate.

GOV. PHIL MURPHY: “History is often a bumpy road of fits and starts and setbacks. But eventually, barriers do fall.”

The effort made history as the first time adult-use legislation nearly reached the floor of the State House, but legalization is taking much longer than the 100 days that Gov. Phil Murphy targeted when he took office in

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Study: CBD May be Effective in the Treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

According to a new study being published by the journal Brain Research, and epublished online by the National Institute of Health,  cannabidiol (CBD) ” may be effective in the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy “.

“Most diabetic patients describe moderate to severe pain symptoms whose pharmacological treatment is palliative and poorly effective”, states the study’s abstract. “Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown promising results in painful conditions.” With this in mind, researchers “aimed to investigate the potential antinociceptive effect of CBD over the mechanical allodynia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic (DBT) rats, as well as its involved mechanisms.”

For the study, “Wistar adult male diabetic rats were treated acutely or sub-chronically (for 14 days) with CBD (0.1, 0.3 or 3 mg/Kg, intraperitoneal; i.p.) and had their mechanical threshold assessed using the electronic Von Frey. ” Acute treatment with CBD (at doses of 0.3 and 3 mg/Kg) “exerted a significant anti-allodynic effect, which is not associated with locomotor impairment. “The antinociceptive effect of CBD (3 mg/Kg) was not altered by the pre-treatment with CB1 or CB2 receptor antagonists (AM251 and AM630; respectively; both at a dose of 1 mg/kg, i.p.) nor by glycine receptor antagonist (strychnine hydrochloride, 10 μg/rat, intrathecal, i.t.).”

“However,”  the study states,

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Florida Distillery Releases Hemp-Infused Vodka and Gin

Floridians have had a lot to celebrate recently when it comes to cannabis culture. The state’s ban on smokable medical marijuana was lifted this week, and other limits on regional dispensary locations have likewise been challenged. Those looking to toast to a cannabis-filled future are also looking at a cup that’s half full — Ybor City’s Fat Dog Distillery has announced the launch of the company’s hemp-infused gin and vodka, Nirvana Spirits.

An important note: those who are not up on their weed terminology may be a bit thrown off by Nirvana’s vague marketing language, which centers on its “cannabis-infused” products. Though technically correct, it is so vague as to be misleading. Make no mistake, these are non-psychoactive hemp-based products with no marijuana in them and very low levels of THC. Hemp products tend to have less than a .5 percent concentration of the trippier cannabinoid.

The floodgates to hemp products have been opened up with the passage late last year of the new US Farm Bill, which amended the Controlled Substances Act to omit the ban of hemp production and research. Florida is on the brink of passing legislation that would legalize hemp agriculture, as well as establish hemp

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25th Annual 4/20 Protest Set to Bloom In the Legal Cannabis Desert

CANNABIS CULTURE – It’s been six-months since the Canadian Liberal Government imposed their exclusionary legalization plan. Six months, and Canada remains a legal cannabis desert. Even worse, ethically run, job-providing dispensaries have been forced to close nationwide while well-connected licensed producers have come nowhere near supplying the medical market, let alone the recreational one. What product the LPs have been able to produce has been proven to be inferior. This reality, as predicted by Cannabis Culture Magazine and “black market” industry experts, has left Canadian consumers unable to find quality, reliable licensed sources to supply their medicinal and recreational needs. As such, many have returned to reliable illegal sources. In essence, otherwise law-abiding people are forced to be break the law because the law is broken. Business as usual in the cannabis world.

Now, the 25th anniversary of 4/20 – perhaps the single most important date celebrating liberty in the grassroots “illegal” international cannabis community – is less than a month away. Preparations have been ongoing for quite some time to ensure the date is marked accordingly, but despite legalization, there is a shadow hanging over the occasion. Cannabis is less accessible in 2019 than it was just last year.

Since legalization,

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Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes in Guam Senate, Heads to Governor’s Desk

Guam just took a potentially huge step toward fully legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Key lawmakers voted today on a new legalization bill. And after a very close vote, the bill came out on top. It will now move on to the governor’s office for final review and, advocates hope, to be signed into law.

Guam’s New Recreational Bill

Today, senators in Guam voted on Bill 32-35, also known as the Guam Cannabis Industry Act of 2019. If the bill passes into law, it will make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess and consume recreational cannabis.

Additionally, the bill also calls for Guam to legalize the production and retail sale of cannabis. And as with many other legalization bills, this piece of legislation would establish a framework in which Guam could regulate and tax marijuana sales.

Lawmakers have been working on the bill for some time. And recently, the bill underwent a series of amendments before going to the senate for today’s vote.

Ultimately, Bill 32-35 passed the senate by a narrow 8-7 margin. As a result, it will now pass to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. Because the bill received some relatively recent changes, she will

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These Destination-Inspired Vapes Are Designed For Travelers

At first glance, you can tell that Roam’s vape pens are a little different. The female-minded cannabis company recently launched Roam Vape Escapes, a line of four vape pens that focus on the experience you’re likely to have with them rather than strains.

Each of the four pens includes a blend of THC, CBD, and botanical terpenes that are meant to transform your mood and send you on a tiny escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Like a lot of “canna-curious” women, I didn’t start exploring cannabis until later in life. Most experiences left me in the hands of someone else’s weed, and dispensaries were not somewhere I felt like I wanted to or could go. When I did finally decided to step foot into one, I was shocked at the “bro-dom” of it. There was nothing there that appealed to me as a woman–anything that I bought, I wanted to hide. Plus, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of information and products, which left me feeling uneducated and out of place,” says Roam founder Hema Patel.

– Read the entire article at Vice.

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