Mourners Accidentally Ingest Hash Cake At Funeral In Germany

An 18-year-old from the northeastern German city of Rostock got a nasty shock when her mother delivered her hash-infused cake to a funeral party. After multiple mourners went to the hospital, the young woman is now under investigation and could be charged with up to 13 counts of negligence and bodily injury, in addition to other crimes.

The mixup took place in August, but German police waited to publicize the incident until now out of respect for the funeral party, who had been merely following the German tradition of afternoon coffee and cake at a restaurant after burying their loved one in Wiethagen.

Little did they know that one of the restaurant employees had put their 18-year-old in charge of making the day’s baked goods. Things went horribly wrong when the worker accidentally grabbed one of the cakes out of the freezer that her kid had intended for her own personal use.

Thanks to her mom’s confusion, the daughter now faces multiple criminal charges, which include disturbing a funeral and breaking German narcotics laws.

The cake’s effects on the funeral party were not minor. 13 attendees reported feeling “dizzy and nauseous,” according to one publication. An ambulance was called to

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Trump Administration Launches Addiction Treatment Website

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration has unveiled a website aimed at helping millions of Americans with substance abuse issues learn about and locate treatment options. is the latest development in the administration’s effort to address the nation’s opioid crisis. The White House said it believes the site, which went up Wednesday, will enable the tens of millions of Americans with a variety of substance abuse and mental health issues to better access the care they need.

Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to President Donald Trump who is leading the White House response to the drug crisis, said the site is designed to provide “connectivity” between treatment providers and those who need help. modernizes an obscure directory of 13,000 licensed treatment providers maintained by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, adding user-friendly search criteria and tools. For instance, it will now allow users to search based on the type of treatment sought — such as inpatient, detox or telemedicine — by payment option and whether the treatment is medication-assisted.

Users also will be able to select between options that focus on youth, veterans and LGBT Americans.

The website also is meant to be an educational resource for

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Targets Cannabis Novices With Unveiling of 13 Drinks and Three Chocolates

Canopy Growth Corp. is making a play for cannabis novices with most of the mild-dosage THC- and CBD-infused beverages that the Smiths Falls-based company unveiled Tuesday. Of 13 beverages that contain what Canopy calls “distilled cannabis,” 10 are designed to have 2.5 milligrams or less of the psychoactive component THC per serving. Health Canada’s regulations set the THC limit for cannabis drinks at 10 mg per package. Canopy Growth is clearly targeting a different market…

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Quebec Raises Legal Age for Cannabis to 21; Critics Say It Will Only Drive Illegal Sales

After a year of being able to purchase cannabis legally from age 18, Quebecers will now have to wait until they turn 21. The provincial government has passed a bill changing the legal age to use marijuana, a move critics say will only drive the black market. The Coalition Avenir Quebec government adopted Bill 2, which raises the legal age for cannabis consumption from 18 to 21 as of Jan. 1, 2020. It will become…

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Michigan to Start Taking Applications for Adult-Use Cannabis Businesses Friday

Regulators in Michigan will begin accepting applications for licenses to operate businesses in the state’s coming adult-use cannabis market on Friday. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency will accept applications for several different license types on its website beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, November 1.

The agency expects to begin issuing adult-use licenses to companies that are already licensed to grow, process, test, and retail medical marijuana as soon as late November, according to media reports. But once those licenses are issued, it will still take months for recreational cannabis to reach consumers, according to Joe Neller, the co-founder of medical marijuana producer and retailer Green Peak Innovations, which has permits allowing the cultivation of 18,000 plants and operates four dispensaries in Michigan.

“If the state takes all of the 90 days afforded to them by law to review our application and grant us a license, then we could start producing that adult-use product,” Neller said. “It does appear the state is going to make us begin those plants basically from seed or clone, so that would take another six months to grow the product, harvest it, pas[s] testing, package it up and get it into market, so anywhere from

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Lawsuit Alleges Louisville Police Conducted Unwarranted Search

In Kentucky, a new lawsuit accuses Louisville police of conducting a frightening and unwarranted raid that was prompted by nothing more than a whiff of marijuana.

The suit has been brought by Ashlea Burr and Mario Daugherty, a couple who say they were getting their three children ready for school one morning last October. It was then that officers allegedly came barreling through the door and held Daugherty to the ground, while holding the others at gunpoint.

A total of 14 Louisville Metro Police SWAT officers were apparently involved in the raid, which included the use of explosive devices. What prompted such a dramatic operation? According to a search warrant, which was detailed by local TV station WDRB, a detective had smelled marijuana around the house on separate occasions, giving him reason to believe that cannabis was being grown there. But the suit says that the man and woman named on the search affidavit do not even live at the home that was raided.

Lawsuit Names Multiple Defendants

The lawsuit has been filed against the city of Louisville, detective Joseph Tapp, and various other SWAT officers involved in the raid. “It is completely unreasonable to execute a warrant that vaguely

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Nearly $400 Million In Marijuana, Cocaine Seized By Coast Guard In Florida

The United States Coast Guard just announced the conclusion of what appears to be a large drug bust in the Pacific Ocean. So large, in fact, that the agency is now back on the mainland to offload several hundred million dollars’ worth of illegal substances.

According to the agency, the busts were the result of efforts from several Coast Guard vessels and crews, along with law enforcement agencies from several other countries.

Massive Drug Busts Off Pacific Coast

The Coast Guard detailed their multiple drug busts in a press release published yesterday. The release also included a number of photos and a link to a video.

All the media feature images of Coast Guard personnel and tons of seized contraband. Specifically, cocaine and marijuana.

All told, the Coast Guard said it confiscated 19 tons of narcotics. Specifically, that includes almost 28,000 pounds of cocaine. That amount of cocaine is reportedly worth an estimated $367 million.

Along with the cocaine, the Coast Guard also said it seized nearly 11,000 pounds of marijuana. The confiscated cannabis comes in at a street value of roughly $10.1 million.

The confiscated drugs, and the busts they came from, were the result of an operation that

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The Winners of the 2019 Oregon Cannabis Cup

The debut edition of the 2019 Oregon Cannabis Cup was a blast! Here is the much-anticipated list of winners from the groundbreaking event:

Indica Flower Katee Laine/ High Times

1st Place: Phresh Cannabis – Cuvee Cookies
2nd Place: 17 Farms – Ice Cream Cake
3rd Place: PDX Organics – Platinum Candy Mintz

Sativa Flower Katee Laine/ High Times

1st Place: Cloud Cover Cannabis – Strawnana
2nd Place: Phresh Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze
3rd Place: Heroes of the Farm – Herer of the Dog

Hybrid Flower Katee Laine/ High Times

1st Place: Deschutes Growery – Mac #1 (Capulator)
2nd Place: Phresh Cannabis – Sundae Driver
3rd Place: Heroes of the Farm – Interspecies Erotica

CBD Flower Katee Laine/ High Times

1st Place: Yerba Buena – Dr. Leveque
2nd Place: Green Dragon – Critical Mass (Green Dragon Gardens)
3rd Place: Serra / Pruf Cultivar – Astral Works (Pruf Cultivar)

Sungrown Flower Katee Laine/ High Times

1st Place: Sugar Tree Farm – Forbidden Fruit
2nd Place: Decibel Farms – Triple Chocolate Chip
3rd Place: Siskiyou Sungrown – Platinum Purple Kush

Preroll Katee Laine/ High Times

1st Place: Trichome Farms – Black Widow Pre-Roll
2nd Place: Portland High Standards – Mini Melt Kushmints Pre- Roll (x Melt Cannagar Co.)
3rd Place: Decibel Farms – Decibel

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Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Named Cannabis Company’s Senior Advisor

Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has been hired on as a “senior advisor and consultant” for Green Leaf Medical, a New Jersey company that is looking to open a 50,000 square foot cannabis production facility and dispensary in Gloucester City’s Southport waterfront area. 

The announcement surprised some who remember Nutter’s initially vehement resistance to a marijuana decriminalization measure that he eventually wound up signing into law. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the measure resulted in a 60 percent drop in marijuana possession arrests. 

But despite his perceived opposition to cannabis legalization while he served his two terms in the mayor’s office, Michael Nutter says that his one-time opposition to decriminalization was due to the fact that he actually wanted to go further when it came to cannabis access. 

“I was not opposed to decriminalizing marijuana,” he recently told a local news site. “The issue I was raising was I wanted us to do more than decriminalizing marijuana. This is medical cannabis, something that is obviously prescribed and it is legally allowed in New Jersey.”

Green Leaf Medical is one of three companies gunning for a Glouchester City marijuana license, and is competing against DEVI Holdings LLC and 57 Star LLC.

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