Provinces Need to Recognize First Nations Authority on Cannabis

First Nations and the provinces should look to US state-tribal Compacts as a pragmatic way forward for cannabis regulation on-reserve.

Federal lawmakers ignored the call to delay cannabis legalization until First Nations could be adequately consulted on the regulation of recreational sales. Now it is provinces that must engage meaningfully, and they should not make the assumption that their laws should apply on-reserve. The draconian approaches of the past that restricted First Nations involvement in the legal supply chain of tobacco – a traditional plant we have grown for generations – simply led to unregulated sales in Ontario and Quebec.

In the absence of progress on province-to-First Nation negotiations on cannabis regulation, the tobacco pattern is reproducing itself with cannabis. At Tyendinaga First Nation, the tobacco smoke shops inspired the “Green Mile,” a nickname for an outcrop of cannabis stores. These latest retail outlets and the leaf and product being promoted by their owners do not comply with federal and provincial licensing laws.

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On First Day of Legal Weed Sales, You’ll Only Find It in One Michigan City

Years of work to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use will bear fruit on Sunday when the first sales of legal weed take place in Michigan.

Three pot shops in Ann Arbor, already known as a cannabis-friendly city, will be ground zero for the start of recreational marijuana sales.

The three retailers — Exclusive Brands, Arbor Wellness and Greenstone Provisions — have been gearing up as the first businesses licensed by the state to be able to sell legal weed to anyone over the age of 21, beginning sometime after 10 a.m. Sunday.

“We’re not really sure what to expect. It’s an unprecedented event,” said Maggie Smith, manager of Greenstone. “People have been calling to see if they can make reservations.”

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Captain Hooter at CANEX Jamaica 2019

CANNABIS CULTURE – When I saw the speaker list that included Bruce Linton, Cam Battley, Vincente Fox, Steve DeAngelo and NBA super star John Salley, along with several of the top Jamaican Government officials, it was clear that this 4th Edition of the conference was one of the can’t miss events of the year.  

I once lived in Montego Bay, close to the Montego Bay Convention Center where the event was being held, ten years ago, and this trip brought back waves of emotion.  As anyone who has ever been to Jamaica will tell you, the island nation and the people who live there, truly get into your soul. This event was taking place right across from where I had lived, those few years ago so I truly felt I was going home. 

I had enlisted my friend, Toronto Cannabis educator, and marketing / instagram master, (Weedstagram416) Johnathan Hirsh, who had attended the event the year prior, to give me the scoop on what to expect along with his favorite Hemp Houses he had discovered, and in return I would take him to the greatest jerk pork in the world. A perfect match.

With the event taking place in late

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Cannabis Sales Could Jump with Edibles, but Industry Should be Prepared

Edibles, extracts and topicals could bring in millions of consumers, many of them ‘canna-curious,’ but Canadian producers will face challenges.

anadian Cannabis 2.0 is here! It’s been over a year since recreational cannabis was legalized for adult use in Canada, and with the edibles, extracts and topicals category recently legalized, the market is shifting into what many envision as a new wave of consumption. How will the introduction of these new products impact the market?

Let’s start with Cannabis 1.0.

Canada legalized recreational cannabis in October 2018 with the Cannabis Act, becoming the first G7 nation to do so. Legalization was met with much fanfare and a very bullish outlook for operators in the space. In the first stage, cannabis consumers got access to dried flower and oils. However, consumer purchases have been limited.

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Seven Tips For Bringing Cannabis Edibles to Your Holiday Dinner

Event planner and pro stoner Sam Kanter shares the dos and don’ts of edibles etiquette.

The first holiday season approaches since Massachusetts residents have had recreational access to legal cannabis products, and the temptation might be strong to add the well-known appetite enhancer to your family feast. But before swapping out the traditional Thanksgiving pie or Christmas cookies for a big plate of pot brownies, heed this edibles etiquette advice from Sam Kanter, the event-planning pro behind the cannabis dining series Dinner at Mary’s, as well as Sam Kanter Events.

DO be honest about wanting to incorporate cannabis into your holiday celebration.

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Legalization is a Rigged Game (The Way to Win is to Not Play)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Here we are a year after legalization and the bust predicted by many cannabis activists and others in the business has, to some degree turned out to be true; according to reporter David George-Cosh of BNN Bloomberg the top five cannabis companies on the market – Canopy, Aurora, Aphria Inc., Tilray Inc., and Cronos Group Inc. – saw a total of $5 billion in market capitalization disappear.

In the past few weeks we have seen raids on the two oldest and most respected  Cannabis Dispensaries in British Columbia, Dana Larsen’s ‘The Dispensary’ on Thurlow St in Vancouver’s west end and the ‘Cannabis Buyers Club’ founded by Ted Smith in Victoria. These raids were conducted by the “Community Safety Unit” usually with a few city cops in tow to ‘observe’. (read intimidate)

Now licensed producers are once again calling on government to scapegoat the black market and step up enforcement to try to claw back some of the money they have lost and shutter illegal stores and websites, (read  ‘the competition’ ) meanwhile the cannabis they are offering, if you can find it is old, stale and ‘mids’ at the very best at double the price of a better quality black market product.

No wonder illegal sales are thriving, cannabis users know what they want and what’s on the shelf at the legal stores is not it.

The difference that defines these times, unlike ever before in the history of cannabis prohibition is now we have investors, some of who have a lot of money in the game calling for a return on their capitol.

Money talks and when people are losing it things start to happen, evident by the recent enforcement action we are seeing, it appears to me that we are headed back to days of past where pot sellers had to take steps to protect themselves, no different in the 80’s and 90’s when growers also had to find ways to ‘hide’ and developed a number tricks to avoid detection.

It’s only this writers opinion but I feel it’s not doing much good pitting your small store against corporations calling for your arrest and closure. We aren’t protesting for legalization anymore, it’s here now and we were cut out of the deal, putting up a sign in a storefront that your selling pot now is only asking for legal troubles at the least and a financial loss to be sure.

What’s really the main objective now is the need to protect yourself,  your clients and your investments while being able to stay in business until this pseudo-legalization is given the death it deserves.

If your determined to sling weed out of a store front style business I suggest only keeping a limited amount of product on site and have a signal system designed or set times where someone or better yet a few different people drop in with more stock AND take away large sums of cash, something else you don’t want to loose in a raid. A signal could be as simple as raising or lowering a blind or adjusting a curtain, or placing something in a window, or removing it… my point here is stay off the cell phone and no texts, that just makes it easy for the cops to intercept you. Police are monitoring social media more than ever before and using all the technological software they can get their hands on so the easiest, least expensive a way to fool them is go back to simpler times.

Imagine what it was like back in the 1920’s during alcohol prohibition, secret knocks, code words, signals like taking off your hat or opening an umbrella or the hood of a parked car down the block… put street people to work as lookouts.

Think of ways to expand on that, and if you smoke one first it shouldn’t be a problem to come up with all kinds of good ideas.

Another option is a pop-up store, set up a phone network of your clients and have a pre arranged time and place to meet and do business for a set time, have people nearby holding extra stock and a visual  signal system in place, again have runners to take away large sums of cash, you don’t want to loose that.

There’s also the option of doing delivery, in the city all you need is a bicycle.

Some readers might remember a time when if you sold drugs of any kind you carried a numerical pager and had codes for clients, that could still work today on a cell phone but you can be tracked so it’s best to work in pairs or groups of threes if you want to go this route, a money person, someone to deliver the goods and a third to handle the phone, if anything happens with the police or the CEU they are missing some key pieces of the puzzle.

Back when I was dealing hash in the 70’s out of a rooming house in downtown Toronto with a few friends we had other friends rent rooms under their names on the upper two floors as well that we paid for to use as stash rooms. If the cops did come by with a warrant (and they did) they got nothing but traces… there was no reason to go bothering everyone in the apt. house nor did they have the warrant to do so. The three of us moved a shitload of black hash through that house over 8 months or so under constant pressure from the cops.

Now the only slump in cannabis sales is in the legal stores, the desire for good, clean, fresh and strong weed is ‘higher’ now than ever before since the closure of the majority of dispensaries, cannabis clubs and stores that numbered over 100 not so long ago, are we going back to the days of dropping in on your buddy and playing video games on the couch for a few hours, getting high and scoring?

Perhaps, those were fun times but as always, to much traffic in and out is a heat score so spend some time, set up a private club, charge memberships, don’t advertise, members must be voted on and sponsored by another member, do not talk about any of your dealings on social media, the cops are watching that.

Have personal meetings in your living room, don’t mention any business in a text message and above all have fun, we started this business and I don’t see any reason why we should stop just because the government makes grandiose promises about marijuana, cause like so many other government great ideas, this ones a turkey and it’s come home to roost.

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Tecumseh Native Miss Universe Canada to Champion Pot at World Competition

Beauty pageants and pot promotion will share the same glamorous spotlight this December when Tecumseh native Alyssa Boston represents the country as Miss Universe Canada with a pro cannabis twist.

The 24-year-old beauty queen told the Star she plans to make the case for global marijuana legalization during the Miss Universe competition Dec. 8 in Atlanta, Ga. Her approach to that pot pitch is still a secret, but she admitted television viewers would be seeing green during her time on stage.

“It’s a little different for a beauty queen to talk about cannabis,” Boston said. “It’s something that we’re very proud of here in Canada. It’s a brand new industry and there’s a lot of potential that we see in the future. I’m happy to bring awareness to it in a whole different light.”

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How to Choose the Right Medical Cannabis Ingestion Method for Your Needs

Countries around the world are starting to ease restrictions on cannabis access, including here in the United States. Thankfully our citizens are uniting to push state legislation through, albeit in tiny increments. This revolution has been brought to you by success stories like Charlotte Figi, SuperNova, and Coltyn Turner.

All these years we’ve been taught that marijuana was evil, dangerous and highly addictive. Some of us vividly remember the egg and frying pan and “Just Say No” public health campaigns. Contrary to the teachings of the 1980s, marijuana has proven to have therapeutic potential, causing growing numbers of patients to consider adding cannabis into their therapy plans. The toothpaste is out of the tube and it sure ain’t going back in.

Unfortunately, most have only ever experienced cannabis in a recreational setting with few legal options for access. The bleary-eyed stoner with the joint hanging out of their mouth doesn’t represent patients. Heck, it doesn’t even represent most recreational cannabis users. Many adult consumers are leaders of extremely prosperous companies or entrepreneurs.

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Joe Biden Reverses Previous Stance That Marijuana Is ‘A Gateway Drug’

Former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s views on cannabis appear to be evolving. During a conference call with reporters Monday, Biden reversed his previous stance that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” Biden told reporters that he hasn’t seen evidence to support the gateway drug theory about cannabis. But only a week prior, during a Las Vegas town hall, Biden said the exact opposite. In front of the town hall crowd, Biden said there was not enough evidence to know whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug. Now, in the face of public blowback and criticism of his remarks, Biden said he was only telling the audience what “some say” about cannabis.

Despite New Stance, Joe Biden Isn’t Revising His Cannabis Platform

Among the crowded field of Democratic candidates, Biden’s views on cannabis reform have been among the most conservative. While front-runners like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have called for nationwide adult-use legalization as part of a plan to dismantle the war on drugs, decarcerate people for drug-related offenses and expunge prior criminal records, Biden has situated his campaign’s platform at the back of the pack.

Still, Biden does support some major cannabis policy shifts. He

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Massachusetts Enacts First Statewide Ban On Vape Flavors And Menthol Cigarettes

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts became the first state to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vaping products, including menthol cigarettes, after the Republican governor signed a bill Wednesday that responds to recent deaths linked to e-cigarettes and attempts to reduce their appeal to young people.

Anti-smoking groups hailed the ban signed by Gov. Charlie Baker, which outlaws the sale of flavored vaping products immediately and of menthol cigarettes starting June 1, 2020.

Some states have temporarily banned or restricted flavored tobacco or vaping products to different degrees, but Massachusetts is the first state with a permanent ban in place, anti-smoking groups say. Especially notable is its ban on menthol, which is among the most popular flavors and has often been exempted from bans.

The bill is a “major step forward,” Baker said, but states can do only so much to address the public health emergency around e-cigarettes and other vaping products. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration are the only ones that can address the issues comprehensively, he said.

President Donald Trump has promised for months to approve a national ban on most flavored e-cigarettes. But in recent weeks his administration

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