Woman Says Sex Life With Her Boyfriend Has Gone Through the Roof After Using £36 Cannabis Spray

A WOMAN says her sex life has gone through the roof — thanks to a cannabis spray.

Grace Cole started using it to combat insomnia and anxiety — and Jacob Millington, 22, soon reaped the benefits in bed too.

Barmaid Grace, also 22, said she often got home late from work stressed and then struggled to get to sleep.

But she said: “Since I started taking the spray, I’ve felt much calmer and more relaxed, and that’s meant a huge improvement in the bedroom. I’m more in the mood for sex.

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Biblical Scholar John Kitto on the origins of the word “Hashish”

CANNABIS CULTURE – In different publications of A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature, the 19th century scholar John Kitto put forth two, potentially related, etymologies for “hashish”, through Hebrew terms Shesh, which originates in reference to some sort of “fibre plant”, and the possibly related word,  Eshishah, (E-shesh-ah?) which holds connotations of “syrup” or “unguent.”

SHESH… also SHESHI, translated fine linen in the Authorized Version, occurs twenty eight times in Exodus, once in Genesis, once in Proverbs, and three times in Ezekiel. Considerable doubts have, however, always been entertained respecting the true meaning of the word; some have thought it signified fine wool, others silk;the Arabs have translated it by words referring to colours in the passages of Ezekiel and of Proverbs. Some of the Rabbins state that it is the same word as that which denotes the number six, and that it refers to the number of threads of which the yarn was composed. … This interpretation, however, has satisfied but few….

Shesh… must… be taken into consideration. In several passages where we find the word used, we do not obtain any information respecting the plant; but it is clear it was spun by women (Exod. xxx. 25), was

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Canberra Women With Endometriosis Are Self-medicating With Cannabis, but Legalising the Drug Might Not Help

Stepfh El started to develop signs of endometriosis from the age of 11. She was misdiagnosed for years, until 2014, when she had emergency surgery for her chronic pelvic pain.

“They thought I had appendicitis, but it turned out I had quite severe endometriosis and my whole pelvic cavity was glued to my pelvic wall,” she said.

Since then, the 32-year-old has had a further seven surgeries.

Each month, she spends between $200 and $600 on pain medication, although the pain is never completely gone.

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Why Canada’s Cannabis Bubble Burst

More than a year ago, Canada made recreational cannabis legal. So why are people still buying it on the black market?

When Canada legalised marijuana just over a year ago, it seemed like anyone who was anyone wanted to break into the market.

The media nicknamed the frenzy Canada’s “green rush”, as investors like Snoop Dogg and the former head of Toronto’s police force clamoured to get a slice of the multi-billion-dollar-pie.

But like the gold rush of the 1850s, the lustre would soon fade, leaving prospectors in the dust.

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Long Lines, Limited Supply and Only 9 Places to Shop: Here’s What to Expect in Chicago When Weed Becomes Legal Jan. 1

Some stores plan to open their doors as early as 6 a.m. to deal with the anticipated rush of customers for recreational marijuana.

Chicagoans excited to legally buy weed for the first time on Jan. 1 will likely have to wait in line to get in to the dispensaries in the city that will be selling recreational marijuana — and they will likely have a limited amount of pot products on their shelves.

What’s more, with state lawmakers warning of an imminent supply shortage, only nine of the 10 shops permitted to make recreational sales of the drug in Chicago will be doing so. Maribis of Chicago in Brighton Park said Thursday it won’t sell to recreational customers until February.

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Italian Court Rules Home-Growing Cannabis is Legal, Restarting Legalization Debate

Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled that small-scale domestic cultivation of cannabis is legal, in a landmark decision triggering calls for further legalization from weed advocates and anger from the country’s conservatives.

Called on to clarify previous conflicting interpretations of the law, the Court of Cassation decreed that the crime of growing narcotic drugs should exclude “small amounts grown domestically for the exclusive use of the grower.”

The ruling was made on Dec. 19, but went unnoticed until Thursday, when it was reported by domestic news agencies and immediately fueled a simmering political debate over cannabis use in Italy.

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Better Year Ahead for Cannabis Products, Revenue: B.C. Solicitor General

Premier John Horgan says it’s the best of times for cannabis users in British Columbia, but they could be even better.

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Canada in October 2018, access to marijuana has become a matter of waiting for the mail to arrive or visiting a licensed dispensary, but something’s still missing, says the premier.

Horgan said he wants British Columbia to take better advantage of the province’s worldwide reputation as a producer of top notch, award-winning weed, known as B.C. bud.

“I remember being in Amsterdam and seeing all of the B.C. bud awards that were being given out at the time when the product was illegal, and it’s ironic we seem to be having more Ontario product being distributed in B.C. through the legal market,” Horgan said at a recent news conference.

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Marijuana On The 2020 Ballot: These States Could Vote

Ever since Colorado and Washington became the first two states to approve marijuana legalization initiatives in 2012, additional states have joined them in each biennial election that has followed. And 2020 could be a banner year for cannabis on the ballot.

There are at least 16 states where advocates believe marijuana measures could go before voters next year—some considering full-scale recreational legalization while others would focus on medical cannabis.

Some of these would be citizen-led voter initiatives where activists collect signatures to qualify a measure for the ballot, while others would be referendums that lawmakers place before voters.

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