Edible Arrangements Enjoys Edge on Entering CBD Market Thanks to Existing Trademarks

Maker of fancy fruit baskets adds a little cannabis to the mix.

It was just a matter of time. Edible Arrangements, better known for its creative and tasty fruit baskets, is trying its hand at CBD.

According to Forbes, the company has a secret weapon in its back pocket — its long-standing trademark of the word “edible” and related terms — as it enters an increasingly crowded CBD marketplace.

“If someone ever asked me if I would ever go into the cannabis area, I wouldn’t hesitate to say no way,” said Tariq Farid, founder of Edible Arrangements and CEO of Edible Brands.

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Designated Opioid Consumption Sites May Be Coming To Illinois

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed an executive order this week that will launch new initiatives to fight the ongoing opioid crisis, including measures that could bring supervised consumption sites to the state. The executive order signed by the governor on Monday also includes provisions to address the racial inequities that exist in overdose deaths.

“This executive order begins an effort to achieve social equity as we work to end the opioid crisis in Illinois,” wrote Pritzker in a press release. “We will coordinate innovative, evidence-based approaches in partnership with harm-reduction organizations, establish local systems of care in disproportionately impacted communities, and create a comprehensive statewide opioid plan.”

Under the order, Illinois will dedicate $4.1 million to expand recovery and prevention services for individuals with opioid use disorder, including funding for four supervised consumption sites. The sites will have staff on hand to provide referrals to recovery services, ensure that visitors are using clean needles, and summon medical help in the event of an emergency.

Wiley Jenkins, the chief of epidemiology and biostatistics at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, said that supervised consumption sites can help people who are addicted to opiates until they are ready to seek recovery

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New Cannabis Products: CBD-Infused Instant Coffee, Weed-Infused Red Wines and New Pet Products

As the cannabis market expands, it’s hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a short list of some of the most interesting new cannabis products launched recently.

Crazy Calm’s CBD-Infused Coffee

Crazy Calm launched a CBD-infused, organic instant coffee. CBD and coffee complement each other for a relaxing energy boost with no caffeine crash, the company explained.

Each box comes with 10 individual packets that can be instantly prepared when mixed with 8oz of (hot) water.

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Greenisland Cannabis Solutions Helps People Who Want to Grow Their Own Medical Marijuana

Ashley Harnden and her husband, Shawn Harnden, have gone through all the ups and downs growing their own medical cannabis.
Now, the P.E.I. couple is passing on expertise to help Islanders with the process of growing their own medical cannabis at home – from getting a licence to buying the seeds to a finished plant.

“We’re Islanders. We’re cannabis enthusiasts. We’re medical cannabis users because of some health struggles that we’ve had along the way. And, we’re long-term growers with 30-plus years experience,” said Ashley, who owns and opened GreenIsland Cannabis Solutions on Water Street in Charlottetown to offer consultation and mentorship in a variety of cannabis-growing services.

These services include setting up an online medical appointment with a nurse practitioner to access medical cannabis, connecting licenced growers with the right seed producer and filling out the 11-page application with Health Canada to grow more than four plants of medical cannabis at home.

– Read the entire article at The Telegram.

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What’s Potting: Cannabis Recipes to Try

A female-focused online cannabis platform KushKush is creating a space for lady-stoners to share in recreational and medicinal cannabis enthusiasm and to try some amazing products while they’re at it.

Offering advice on all things canna related, like growing, eating and treating to beauty, KushKush also stocks a variety of unique high-quality products. These are geared towards the female market and offer a drop of femininity and a splash of luxury. From uniquely made glass pipes to hemp and CBD patches, everything your hearts desires when it comes to cannabis is available in their online store.

If you’re in the mood for making something for relaxation and enjoyment, check out KushKush’s Oyster and Chocolate Bark recipes below.

– Read the entire article at Cape Town Etc.

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City Eyes Regulations for Locations of Cannabis Facilities

The city is considering changes to where cannabis production and processing facilities can be located.

At a meeting on Tuesday, councillors referred back to city staff a recommendation for zoning bylaw changes that would prohibit cannabis production and processing on lands within the annexed area of the city, and within older industrial areas that are surrounded by residential neighbourhoods.

Coun. Cheryl Antoski also received support for an amendment that would require a 400-metre separation between cannabis facilities and residentially zoned lands.

Antoski said odour from these facilities can be problem for neighbours.

– Read the entire article at The Brantford Expositor.

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Colorado Hopes to Make Cannabis Industry More Eco-Friendly by Recycling Breweries’ Carbon Dioxide

“We want this to be a model in craft brewing and cannabis,” Gov. Jared Polis says.

In an effort to make Colorado’s cannabis industry more eco-friendly, the state’s health department and energy office launched two new pilot programs Wednesday focused on reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency at local cultivations.

Both programs support Gov. Jared Polis’ mission to cut greenhouse gasses 50% by 2030.

For the first program, the Carbon Dioxide Reuse Project, the Denver Beer Co. is partnering with the Clinic dispensary to recycle carbon emissions. Brewing a 120-barrel batch of beer produces enough carbon dioxide naturally through fermentation to fill a 500-pound vessel, said Charlie Berger, co-founder of Denver Beer Co.

– Read the entire article at Dever Post.

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Elon Musk Drops New Track Just In Time For The Weekend

Elon Musk’s ceaseless quest to be considered a Renaissance Man continued apace this week.

“Just wrote a song called ‘Don’t doubt yer vibe,’” Musk tweeted out to his 31 million followers on Thursday afternoon. 

The new track, Musk specified in a tweet nearly three hours later, would be released on “Emo G Records,” which all Muskheads (Muskovites?) will instantly recognize as the Soundcloud page where the billionaire dropped last year’s banger, “RIP Harambe,” in which he auto-tuned about a meme that had already reached its expiration date.

That song, Musk suggested at the time, might just have been his “finest work.” 

Could his latest effort top it? Unclear. But Musk noted, in another tweet just after midnight Friday morning, more than eight hours after announcing he “[j]ust wrote a song ‘Don’t doubt yet vibe,’” he offered another song about the new track:

By 1:20 a.m. Friday, Musk declared the song — now titled, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” — ready for the masses.

The song, a four-minute concoction of various EDM sounds and echoes, has eclipsed more than 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud, as of this writing. 

“I wrote the lyrics & performed the vocals!!” Musk bragged after its release.


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Southern University Becomes the First HBC to Enter the CBD Industry

Southern University became the country’s first historically Black college to become involved in the CBD industry. The school announced a new anti-inflammatory product line with Ilera Holistic Healthcare at New Orleans’ H&W Drug Store Dispensary on Thursday. Southern is one of only two permit holders in the state’s medical marijuana system, along with Louisiana State University.

“Our goals with this line is to support all communities by creating access to wellness products at affordable price points,” commented Dr. Chanda Macias, CEO of Ilera in a press release. “No one should endure the stress of trying to balance a healthy lifestyle at high costs, that within itself is unhealthy,” she continued. 

Courtesy of Southern University and ALAFIA Wellness, Peace, and Equity

The line has been dubbed ALAFIA, a word which means inner peace in the Yoruba language. Southern University officials expressed their hope that the project would inspire similar partnerships across the country. 

“This is an exciting time for healthcare and business here in the state of Louisiana, and Southern University is honored to be a part of it all,” said Ray L. Belton, president of the Southern University system. “Southern has been a leader in agriculture and the sciences for

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