High Glass Society: Operation: Pipe Dreamers Brings Legitimacy To The Glass Pipe World

The term “pipe dream” originated in the 1890s to describe opium users’ wild hallucinations and became associated with unattainable desires. For the past four decades, glass pipe artists have lived a pipe dream as they attempted to grow businesses while fighting for legitimacy and acceptance in the art world and with mainstream society, and all while under the draconian gaze of the federal government. But in 2021, millennia of glass art, pipe development, and marijuana legalization efforts will converge in the televised competition series Operation: Pipe Dreamers, a show which promises to turn these glass artists’ pipe dreams into reality. 

Conceived by television director Jason Wald and glass-blowing entrepreneur Jason Harris, Operation: Pipe Dreamers will pit master glass artists against each other to fashion exquisite flame-blown bongs, pipes and rigs worthy of museum display. One difference from other competition shows is that all artist creations will be auctioned off for charity. Another is the community element implemented when a piece shatters – an inevitability when working with glass.

“Sometimes the glass gods take over,” says Harris.

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Oregon Cannabis 2021: Legislative Forecast and Report

The Oregon legislative session kicked off in earnest last week, with 28 proposed cannabis bills crowding the docket. In this post, I will run down the list and offer brief comments on each offering, as I do every year. Before diving in, though, some context will be useful.

First, the Oregon legislature is somewhat dysfunctional. Last year, the session was cut short when Republican legislators skipped town to protest the Democrats’ climate change bill. A series of draft cannabis laws (along with everything else) was left in the lurch. This year, the legislative focus seems centered on crisis response (COVID, wildfires, etc.) with big policies taking a back seat. In a sense, that bodes well for cannabis bill prospects, alongside the fact that the session is slated to last a full five months. But the Democrats still do not have a quorum-proof majority, so really, anything could happen.

Second, the recent success of ballot Measure 110 (which decriminalized all drugs in Oregon) will have a significant, unpredictable impact on cannabis legislating. Most immediately, it will peel off about 75% of current statewide marijuana tax revenues. This is because Measure 110 “dedicates all marijuana tax revenue above $11,250,000 quarterly [to ‘addiction

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Cedar Park Mom Credits Medical Marijuana For Helping Her Son Live A Better Life After Rare Disease Diagnosis

Texas lawmakers are back in session and some of the bills headed their way have to do with medical marijuana reform.

A Cedar Park mother and Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation are working to encourage state legislators to remove restrictions on qualifying conditions and eliminate the THC cap.

“The idea that I would give my chi – I mean – my child marijuana, are you kidding,” said mother Carissa Barenblat. “That’s not something I came lightly to.”

– Read the entire article at KVUE News.

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In the Cannabis Kitchen with Laurie Wolf

When the pandemic lockdowns began, people started buying a lot of things. For some folks, it was sourdough bread starters. For others (mostly sadists), it was exercise bikes. And for people in Oregon, it was–to put it bluntly–a metric shit-ton of weed. Oregonians broke their own record, buying more than a billion dollars’ worth of recreational cannabis in 2020, with Multnomah County stoners leading the way, according to data from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

“For the first month, business was crazy. It was like people didn’t know how long it would last,” said Laurie Wolf, founder of cannabis edible company Laurie + MaryJane.

Through the long slog of 2020, Wolf watched as her canisters of cannabis-infused fudgy brownies, savory cheese crisps, and almond cakes flew off Oregon’s dispensary shelves. With the November 2020 release of her fifth cannabis cookbook, The Cannabis Apothecary, Wolf had a proposition for these snack-frenzied customers: try making them yourself.

– Read the entire article at Portland Mercury.

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Removing Fascism from The German Cannabis Discussion

At a time when the United States is celebrating a nail-biting democratic transfer of power, a move is afoot in Germany to face, finally, the last vestiges of Nazi influence. And while at first glance it may sound “trivial” to Germans and Auslanders (foreigners) alike, it is not. Its impact on the cannabis industry might also be highly and positively disruptive.

Nazi Influence Lingers On in Germany

Many people still do not understand the lengths to which the Third Reich went to create an alternative universe of “facts” but their efforts look terrifyingly pre-Trumpian in the present. Indeed, this was the group of people who believed, literally, in the dominance of a white, Aryan, “Master Race,” and their efforts were terrifying just because they are even today, so enduring. Their assault on history was also a blitzkrieg on reality.

The impact of the Nazi purge and “education” on daily life included everything from banning people to naming conventions and, quite deliberately, creating an alternative universe of facts. This included banning whole areas of science, starting with the foundational vow of doctors to do no harm. The term “Nazi doctor,” even today is to describe a collection of highly trained people

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New Mexico Cannabis Legalization Bill May Be Coming Soon

New Mexico could be one of the next states to join the green wave as state lawmakers prepare a measure to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Rep. Javier Martinez, a Democrat from Albuquerque, said recently that the legislation should be ready to introduce in the state legislature soon.

“It’s a big, complicated bill,” Martinez said. “We are wrapping up the final touches. This is a bill, at this point, five years in the making.”

Martinez, who has championed cannabis legalization each year he has been in office, said that this year’s bill is focused on three primary principles.

“The first one is protecting and enhancing the medical cannabis program which has been a godsend for many patients across the street,” he said. “The second principle is ensuring equity in the way we build out this industry, particularly repairing the war on drugs of people of color, and last but not least ensuring we have a smart regulatory and taxation framework, so we’re not over taxing an industry that’s just getting off its face so that the regulations are not overly burdensome on particularly the small business aspect of this industry.”

State Sees Economic Opportunity In Cannabis

New Mexico’s oil and

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Several Nations Could Legalize Adult Use Cannabis In 2021—Which Could Be Next?

Last year came close to seeing two nations pass adult use cannabis laws. Ultimately, both efforts fell short. New Zealand saw its cannabis referendum rejected by voters in November, losing by a 51.1% to 48.8% margin. In Mexico, Congress was given its third extension to pass its law—pushing a decision into 2021. 

While disappointing, one of the two nations remains on the cusp of legalization, as is a country pivotal in the advancement of cannabis research and technology. Other nations could take action in 2021, although their prospects appear more likely to occur in the coming years. 

Much like the United States and its fragmented legal statuses, the global stage is beginning to incrementally pass adult use cannabis reform. The number of legalized nations looks likely to double this year, and could possibly see more following suit this year or soon after. 

Mexico’s Reform Remains In Lawmakers Hands

Mexico is going a different route with its legalization, albeit one that continues to stall. Instead of proposing legislation themselves, federal lawmakers are obligated to pass a law after the Supreme Court delivered five rulings that determined prohibition unconstitutional. The fifth decision was handed down in 2018. However, lawmakers received extensions twice

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Arizona Issues Interim Final Regulations AND New Recreational Licenses

Exciting times have arrived in Arizona’s cannabis industry! The Arizona Department of Health Services (the “Department”) (1) released final interim rules for recreational licensees, and (2) issued new recreational licenses. As noted by Marijuana Moment’s Kyle Jaeger, the marks the fastest transition from voter approval to sales implementation of any state that has legalized marijuana to date.

Specifically, on January 22, 2021, the Department issued 86 new licenses for adult use or recreational use marijuana (CLICK HERE for the list). By happenstance, I drove by the Harvest dispensary in North Scottsdale on Friday (January 22), and the lines were literally around the building! So, it appears that recreational sales have started out strong in Arizona.

The Department also released final interim rules for adult use establishments in January 2021, that were effective as of January 15, 2021 (CLICK HERE to view the regulations). Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Department released a redline of the regulations that show the changes from the draft rules to the interim final rules. However, I will discuss a few of the more important changes below.

It’s worth noting too that the Department did not make changes to certain rules notwithstanding public requests to

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Recreational Cannabis Sales In Arizona Bring New Jobs – And Long Lines

A day after Arizona dispensaries began selling recreational marijuana, the long lines haven’t slowed — but this could be a benefit to thousands in the state that are unemployed.

Territory Dispensary was one of more than 80 businesses to receive a license Friday from the Department of Health Services to legally sell recreational marijuana.

Sure enough, the demand was there.

FOX 10 asked Robert Smith, general manager for Territory, if there’s a concern their product will run out.

– Read the entire article at Fox 10 Phoenix.

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Circle K is the Latest Company to Take on a Cannabis Business in a Trademark Dispute

Earlier this month, Circle K Stores Inc., owner and operator of the chain of Circle K convenience stores, filed a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) Notice of Opposition against Medical Marijuana, Inc., a California company with a pending U.S. federal trademark application for the following design mark (the “MM ‘K’ Mark”):

The MM “K” Mark was filed to cover the following services in Class 035:

Marketing consultation in the field of botanical products and hemp-based products, namely, hemp-based personal care products, anti-aging products, food and nutritional supplements, chewing gums, candies, beverages, edible oils, and vaporizers; retail services provided through direct solicitation by a network of independent distributors and independent representatives directed to end-users featuring botanical products and hemp-based products containing or derived from cannabis with a delta-9 THC concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, namely, non-medicated hemp-based personal care products, non-medicated anti-aging products, and vaporizers; online retail store for botanical products and hemp-based products containing or derived from cannabis with a delta-9 THC concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis, namely, non-medicated hemp-based personal care products, non-medicated anti-aging products, and vaporizers.

Circle K owns a number of

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