Why Most Cannabis Businesses Should Ditch Their SOW Models

Lately, in my review of certain cannabis transactional agreements like cannabis intellectual property (IP) licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements, and distribution agreements, I’m seeing a really high number of statements of work (SOWs) attached. I’m not opposed to SOWs when they make sense. In cannabis though, nine times out of ten, a SOW model isn’t necessary, overcomplicates the parties’ performance, and creates conflicts between agreements. I think the reason I’m seeing a lot of SOW models is because licensees tend to rip their agreements from Google or just go with the flow on whatever a legalzoom style outfit tells them regarding the necessity of a SOW system no matter the industry, the regulations, or nature of the work.

You usually see SOWs incorporated with master services agreements (MSAs) or requests for proposals between vendors and their clients (think Microsoft or Apple vendor agreements, see here and here for legit SOW examples). The MSA sets forth the main legal terms and conditions between the parties (like term of the agreement, termination rights, confidentiality, representations and warranties, etc.). The SOW (or SOWs) typically controls and enumerates specific details around a given project or projects that will occur between the parties sometime during the

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Fifty-Four Years Ago Today—The Beatles Insisted the UK Legalize Weed in Newspaper Ad

Paying for an expensive full-page ad to run in the London Times on July 24, 1967, The Beatles and band manager Brian Epstein joined a few dozen activists to urge lawmakers—insistently—to legalize pot in the U.K. All four band members smoked and liked cannabis—but especially Paul McCartney, who repeatedly describes cannabis as being transformative in their songwriting development.

Given by the wording in the 1967 ad, you’d think the cannabis legalization argument was printed yesterday: “The law against pot is immoral and unworkable in practice,” the ad title reads. Pot is “the least harmful of pleasure-giving drugs, and […] in particular, far less harmful than alcohol.” 

It continues, “Cannabis smoking is widespread in the universities, and the custom has been taken up by writers, teachers, doctors, businessmen, musicians, scientists and priests. Such persons do not fit the stereotype of the unemployed criminal dope fiend.” The ad was signed by The Beatles, their manager, and about a few dozen other activists fighting against marijuana laws in the U.K. 

Even in 1967, activists knew full-well that the propaganda spreading about the so-called dangers of pot were based in lies. The sense of urgency to legalize pot was spurred by the arrest of International Times founder

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Local petition seeks to bring back medical marijuana dispensary in La Grande – La Grande Observer

LA GRANDE — A medicinal marijuana farmer is leading the charge to bring back a medical marijuana dispensary to La Grande.

Derik Drake, owner of Flower of Life Farms, Nyssa, is aiming to partially repeal Ordinance 3228 banning marijuana farming and distribution in La Grande in order to take over as owner of HWY 30 Cannabis. Drake hopes to gain 1,315 signatures by Monday, July 26, in order to put the initiative on the city ballot in November.

Drake and his team have frequented local shopping centers, events and the downtown area in order to advertise and garner support.

“We’re working at it from every angle,” he said. “We’re just trying to keep things moving in a positive direction in this community.”

In 2015, the city of La Grande adopted Ordinance 3228 banning medical marijuana processing sites, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana producers, recreational marijuana processors, recreational marijuana wholesalers and recreational marijuana retailers. Despite the ban, HWY 30 Cannabis on Adams Avenue was grandfathered in as a result of being opened prior to the ordinance, which allowed the shop to continue operating as the only medical marijuana dispensary in the city.

As a local medical marijuana farmer, Drake sold his product to HWY 30

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How to Pick A Quality Online Dispensary in Canada – Californianewstimes.com

Weed lovers are really being spoiled in this day and age, thanks to many online dispensaries available in Canada. Now, all Canadians can simply browse and purchase their weed and other cannabis-based products online.

But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Since there are so many online dispensaries in Canada, it is important to find a quality dispensary, so you can get your cannabis reliably.

In this article, we are going to learn about picking a quality online dispensary in Canada. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find the best online dispensary for your needs.

A decent selection of cannabis products

The quality of an online dispensary can be gauged based on the options it offers. It is just way more convenient to be able to purchase everything you need from the same online dispensary. And considering how many types of strains are available, being able to get everyone from the same place is a godsend. Furthermore, you might also be able to take advantage of bulk discounts.

Check out if the online dispensary has all these products:

Cannabis flowers. Marijuana edibles. Capsules, oils, and other medicinal. Topical CBD and THC creams. Vape cartridges and other vaping

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Marijuana is Oklahoma's latest boom industry. But can it be sustained? – Oklahoman.com

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Phillipsburg OKs recreational weed sales at The Apothecarium, but nowhere else – lehighvalleylive.com

Once New Jersey officials green-light recreational, adult-use marijuana sales, Phillipsburg’s medical dispensary has the town’s approval to open its doors to weed users and the cannabis-curious ages 21 and older.

Town council on Tuesday gave final approval to an ordinance prohibiting recreational cannabis businesses in Phillipsburg, except at The Apothecarium that opened last November at 55 S. Main St.

New Jersey voters in a ballot referendum last November approved legalizing recreational, adult-use marijuana. Gov. Phil Murphy in February signed the legalization legislation into law, and a commission has been working to hammer out regulations before retail sales can begin.

Municipalities have until Aug. 21 to opt out of permitting recreational marijuana businesses within their borders, and those that opt in face a five-year moratorium before they can once again consider local rules for the industry.

Phillipsburg council on June 15 gave initial approval to the ordinance banning recreational, adult-use businesses. The discussion among council members at the meeting focused on opting out of allowing recreational cannabis sales by the deadline, to buy time to consider at a later date permitting these businesses to operate.

The ordinance available for public review ahead of the June 15 meeting did not include The Apothecarium’s exception, and lehighvalleylive.com on

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Future cannabis sales ready for opinion of Wilmette Village Board on Tuesday, July 27 | The Record – The Record North Shore

Years of deliberations will come to a head Tuesday when Wilmette trustees will likely offer direction on whether to allow recreational cannabis sales in the village. 

The Village Board is slated to continue discussions on the matter at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 27, during its regular meeting. The meeting will be held in-person at Wilmette Village Hall, 1200 Wilmette Ave. and will also be livestreamed on the village’s YouTube channel.

Village officials started their review of adult-use cannabis sales within town limits in the summer of 2019. At that time, trustees prohibited the in-village sale of recreational cannabis prior to the legalization of such sales by the State of Illinois in January 2020.

In the summer of 2020, officials reignited the discussions and ultimately set up an advisory ballot question to collect the community’s opinion on the issue. 

The nonbinding advisory referendum, which appeared on local voters’ November ballot, garnered strong support from Wilmette residents with just over 56 percent of residents voting in favor of allowing the sale of cannabis in the village.

Officials have continued to review cannabis sales since the advisory referendum.

Earlier this year, Wilmette trustees held a special meeting where they OK’d the land use

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Dispensary Recommendations: 5 products that bring the heat in July — Greenway Magazine – Greenway

Each month Greenway asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line at hello@mogreenway.com

GMO Live Resin Badder – Proper

At Jane Dispensary we have a variety of products for all types of cannabis consumers, and I love that I have options for whatever I may need. Recently, I have been stuck on Proper Cannabis concentrates, especially GMO Live Resin Badder. When I first opened this potent concentrate, I was hit with its pungent aroma and I couldn’t wait to try it. Coming in at 80.3% this strong dab was surprisingly smooth & came with very relaxing but happy effects. My mood was immediately lifted with a nice unwinding high. I cannot love this badder more, if you are a regular dabber, give GMO a try!!

Abi Gonzalez, Cannabis Consultant,  Jane Dispensary (featured photo)

Oak Hollaman, Fresh Karma Dispensaries

Purple Chem – Illicit

It’s a cross between chemdawg and granddaddy purp. I love it because it’s a flower I can smoke on at all times of the day

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Cannabis Cup Oklahoma 2021 Gears Up for Kickoff

High Times is proud to present the Cannabis Cup Oklahoma 2021 competition. Since 1988—the Cannabis Cup tradition has spread from its humble beginnings in Amsterdam to several state-specific contests spread out across the U.S., eventually becoming synonymous with cannabis lore.

It’s High Times’ second-ever competition that is open to the Oklahoma public, which means we will see the largest pool of judges in the state’s history. Categories include Best Indica, Sativa and Hybrid; as well as Pre-Rolls and Infused Pre-Rolls; Indica and Sativa Concentrates; Non-Solvent Concentrates; Indica and Sativa Vape Pens; Edibles; Gummies; as well as Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules and Hemp-Derived CBD.

Judge Kits will be available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis to all 18+ Medical Patients with a valid Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) card beginning on July 24 at select retail locations across Oklahoma: including Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Edmond, Norman, Nichols Hill and Lawton. No confirmation or approval is needed. See the full list of locations below. 

The judging adjourns for a deadline on September 12, and winners will be announced on September 19.

There are a number of factors that make Oklahoma stand out among other states that have enacted medical cannabis laws, and here are

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Ann Arbor’s former CIA building is now a new marijuana dispensary – MLive.com

ANN ARBOR, MI — A former CIA building in downtown Ann Arbor is now home to a marijuana dispensary.

JARS Cannabis has soft-launched its new location at 450 South Main St. in downtown, with a full launch set for early the week of July 26.

The new store is currently open under a medical license and is set to offer recreational products by the end of July, according to JARS COO Raymond Abro.

The building, used by the CIA as a recruitment office for University of Michigan students, was bombed in 1968, allegedly by a trio who were part of the White Panthers, a far-left, anti-racist political activist group.

The government charged the trio — Lawrence Plamondon, Jack Forrest and John Sinclar, who is better known for his marijuana activism — with bomb conspiracy charges, which were later dropped after a countersuit was filed over claims of illegal wire-tapping.

Now, the building hosts JARS, a dispensary that prides itself on offering a wide range of cannabis products and vendors, Abro said.

“We’re all about retail. We carry all brands, all vendors,” Abro said, adding managers are often willing to ask for additional brands requested by customers.

JARS carries edibles, flower, pre-rolls and CBD products, among others.

The location

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