Sioux Falls could change liquor license distribution process to lottery, like medical marijuana – Argus Leader

The Sioux Falls City Council will take a long-awaited first vote Tuesday on a new method of determining how to distribute the city’s liquor licenses through a lottery: the same one used for issuing medical marijuana dispensary licenses last year.

If the ordinance is approved, a lottery system would decide who receives available on-sale and off-sale liquor licenses in the city. And it would replace the current system, a waitlist that’s had a city-imposed moratorium on adding new names for the last two years.

“Based on the success of the lottery system used for medical cannabis licenses, we are proposing to institute a similar lottery system for distributing on-sale and off-sale licenses going forward,” Erica Beck, chief of staff to Mayor Paul TenHaken, said in a statement.

How would Sioux Falls’ new liquor license process work? 

The lottery would work largely the same for both off-sale (a business selling spirits, wine or beer for consumption off-site) and on-sale (a bar, or a restaurant serving both food and alcohol) establishments.

When new liquor licenses of either type become available, the city will publish an invitation for applications to a lottery no less than 30 days before the window for turning them in begins.

Recreational cannabis sales pilot program ending, Arlington Heights trustees to consider allowing it permanently – Chicago Tribune

As part of the pilot program, the company was required to conduct parking studies. No substantial difference in peak parking demand were found compared to when Verilife was a medical cannabis-only site, Recklaus said, adding those studies indicated, on average, 50% of the spaces were occupied. Verilife first opened as a medical cannabis dispensary in Arlington Heights in 2015.

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How to Plan a Cannabis-Themed Wedding

As wedding season approaches, so does the pressure to make the big day unforgettable. People have high expectations for their nuptials — and to help them realize their dreams, a growing number of businesses are putting the bud in budget.

“Indigenous cultures, for thousands of years, have always united spirit over smoke,” says Denver’s Philip Wolf, president of the Cannabis Wedding Expo. “That’s why they would have shared peace pipes and so forth, because that represented a unification of spirit. And so in some weddings, they will take the ceremony to those types of depths.”

Marijuana has made its way into the wedding world, allowing happy couples to display their love for one another through their love of Colorado’s favorite plant. This cannabis commitment can be woven into nearly every element of a wedding, from beverages to attire to gifts for guests.

– Read the entire article at Westword.

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All Eyes On Germany As Marijuana Startups Pull In Funding

Investors bet on recreational pot
Europe’s cannabis startups are raking in investor funds at an accelerating pace on the prospect of recreational marijuana becoming legal in Germany. Medical use — already legal — is also seeing tremendous growth.

After a slowdown in venture-capital deals in 2020, the cannabis industry recovered last year, and 2022 is also off to a good start as investors position themselves to cash in on the region’s promising cannabis market, according to Stephen Murphy, co-founder and chief executive officer of Prohibition Partners, a research firm focused on marijuana.

Investors are perking up as Germany’s ruling coalition seeks to legalize recreational cannabis in Europe’s largest economy — a plan that is in the pipeline, but doesn’t appear to be imminent yet. Many U.S. and Canadian cannabis businesses, including Curaleaf Holdings and Tilray Brands, already operate in Europe and have positioned themselves to benefit from a bigger recreational market.

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Broomfield Announces Dispensary Lottery Winners in Face of Another Lawsuit – Westword

Broomfield’s first three dispensary licensees were picked through a lottery selection last week, but now the city is facing a lawsuit from an applicant who was rejected from the lottery.

Recreational marijuana sales were approved in Broomfield nearly a year ago, but the dispensary-licensing process stalled after a lawsuit was filed against the City and County of Broomfield alleging an unfair application process. That lawsuit was dropped after Broomfield altered the process, which culminated in a lottery on February 22, when numbered balls were drawn. Of the fourteen applicants, ten were approved for the lottery by a selection committee, and Buena Suerta Company LLC, Magnolia Road and LivWell Enlightened Health were named the winners.

But four days before the lottery, City and County Attorney Nancy Rodgers says that the Star Buds dispensary chain had filed a Rule 106 lawsuit against the city. Typically an appeal against a lower governmental body’s decision, a Rule 106 lawsuit often aims to overturn project approvals. Star Buds also filed a motion for a temporary injunction “in an attempt to stop the scheduled lottery” hours before it took place, she adds, but that motion was denied.

Despite the pending lawsuit, Broomfield plans to move forward with the licensing. “Broomfield

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Learn the secrets of opening a legal weed dispensary in N.J. at this free March 1 seminar –

On March 15, the New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission is scheduled to open its latest round of applications for permits to sell legal weed a dispensaries — and the industry is preparing with a slew of informational and networking events.

Dispensaries are the retail shops that will sell the cannabis products. The commission has said there are no deadlines to apply. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a continuous basis.

A free program specially designed for would-be cannabis dispensary owners in New Jersey will take place Tuesday, March 1, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Hilton Newark Airport, 1170 Spring St, Elizabeth.

Cova, an industry leader for software solutions, is hosting this all-day seminar. Complimentary lunch, coffee, and parking will be provided. Each guest must be registered to attend with their own email address. There are still available seats. There’s a limit to the venue’s capacity. Reserve your spot here.

NJ Cannabis Insider Is a media sponsor for this event.

RELATED: With state ‘optimistic’ N.J.’s legal weed market may open soon, cannabis industry keyed-up for big conference March 16.

With sessions covering everything from startup advice, compliance tips and operational best practices, this seminar is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from the

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New Standard opening first dispensary in Grand Rapids near Medical Mile – MiBiz: West Michigan Business News

GRAND RAPIDS — New Standard plans to open its first dispensary in Grand Rapids with a new building in the city’s Midtown district near Medical Mile. 

The Grand Rapids Planning Commission will consider a new site plan for the dispensary at 1109 Michigan St. NE. The planning commission previously approved a site plan on Jan. 8, 2020 to convert a former auto body repair shop on the property into a dispensary. However, the former shop was in a state of disrepair when initial construction began, proving to be financially unviable to renovate, according to planning documents.

A modern, two-story structure is now proposed for the property. Copper Rock Construction Inc. serves as the general contractor and Progressive AE Inc. serves as the architect on the project. 

“We love the area and think that hopefully there will be a lot of foot traffic,” New Standard co-founder and CEO Howard Luckoff told MiBiz. “We’re trying to design a facility that lends itself to walkability as well as consumers who are driving.”

New Standard entered into an agreement in May 2021 to rebrand Agri-Med LLC’s three West Michigan dispensaries as New Standard stores. New Standard currently has eight locations and plans to

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Cannabis Company Right On Brands To Open New Dispensary In Miami, Florida – Benzinga – Benzinga

Cannabis company Right on Brands, Inc. (OTC:RTON) entered into an agreement with a new a partner for the first ENDO Dispensary and Wellness location outside of Texas. The store will be located at 8255 Dixie Way, Miami, Florida 33143.

Right on Brands is known for developing hemp-based smokables, beverages, tinctures, and topical products including products infused with CBD, Delta-8, Delta-10, THCV, CBDV, THCO and Delta-9 and new HHC vapes, gummies and tinctures. 

Jerry Grisaffi, Right on Brands’ CEO stated, “We are so excited about this location and working with our new partners. The new store will expand our retail reach to a whole new state! This is the first of 5 stores our partners are looking to open in the Miami area.” Esther Castleman commented, “Before opening this store, we looked at many brands and companies before deciding on ENDO. We truly believe their products offer the best quality in the marketplace.”

Jerry Grisaffi also noted, “The Austin and Laredo stores are doing well, and our products are being accepted with enthusiasm. The Rowlett company store has exceeded all expectations, and our prediction of exceeding one million dollars in sales during our first full year will be a reality. We

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Cannabis Banking: All Businesses are Marijuana Related Businesses

All U.S. businesses are marijuana related businesses (MRBs). By “all” I mean everyone from Amazon to your local hardware store, with very few exceptions. Allow me to explain.

Guidance on banking and MRBs

Over eight years ago, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network published the FinCen Memorandum of February 14, 2014 (“FinCen Memo”). FinCen is a Bureau within the U.S. Department of Treasury. Its mission is to combat money laundering and financial crimes. I’ve written that in cannabis years, the FinCen Memo is as old as dirt and reads like a relic of a bygone era. However, since companion guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice on “Marijuana Related Financial Crimes” was rescinded in 2018, the FinCen Memo has been the only game in town for federal banking guidance.

People often cite the FinCen Memo as creating the three “tiers” into which banks and credit unions triage MRBs for know-your-customer (KYC) and screening purposes. That’s wrong. The FinCen Memo doesn’t mention tiers at all. The closest we have to a federal framework is from this 2018 SBA Policy Notice, which categorizes MRBs as “direct”, “indirect”, and “hemp-related businesses.” But banks don’t really use that.

Instead, early industry adopters — like our pioneering credit

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House GOP blocks recreational marijuana sales from beginning this year – Virginia Mercury

A House of Delegates subcommittee Monday voted down legislation that would have allowed recreational marijuana sales to begin this September.

The bill, which had passed the Democratic-controlled Senate last week, died on a party line vote, with Republicans opposing.

“I think this is a bigger issue than we can correct in two weeks’ time,” said Del. Jeff Campbell, R-Smyth.

Democrats on the panel urged their GOP colleagues to reconsider. “The longer we wait to have a regulated market, the harder it will be to compete with that illicit market,” said Del. Dawn Adams, D-Richmond.

The General Assembly voted last year to allow people to possess and grow marijuana, but lawmakers have so far been unable to agree on legalized recreational sales. Democrats had set an initial goal of opening sales in 2024, but decided over the summer that was too long to wait, citing concerns that people were openly flouting the state’s ban on sales.

Marijuana is still illegal to sell in Va., but that’s not stopping retailers (including a senator)

Currently the only legal way to obtain marijuana in Virginia is to grow it, get it as a gift or buy it from a medical dispensary with a prescription.

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