Voters In Some Of The Most Conservative States To Weigh In On Recreational Pot

Voters in five states, including four that are among the most conservative in the country, are deciding on whether to legalize recreational marijuana this election. If passed in each state, Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota would join 19 other states and the District of Columbia where cannabis has already been legalized for personal use.

All except Maryland backed Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, underscoring that the legalization effort increasingly spans the political spectrum and is even gaining support in some of the most overwhelmingly Republican parts of the nation.

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Rotterdam introduces law to regulate marijuana dispensaries, consumption facilities – The Daily Gazette

ROTTERDAM — With the state preparing to issue the first marijuana dispensary licenses by year’s end, local officials last week introduced legislation to regulate where cannabis-related businesses can operate within town.

Town Board members unanimously approved a resolution setting a Dec.14 public hearing on a proposed law that would regulate where proprietors of marijuana dispensaries and on-site consumption facilities can set up shop and establishes hours of operations for the businesses.

Under the proposal, retail dispensaries would be permitted in the town’s B-2 General Business, I-1 Light Industrial and I-2 Heavy Industrial zoning districts with a special use permit and approval by the Planning Commission. On-site consumption facilities would be permitted only in the I-1 and I-2 zones with the proper permit and necessary approvals.

In addition, the law would only allow the facilities to operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 12 to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

It’s unclear when the Town Board would approve a final ordinance. The town’s Planning Commission is expected to review the proposal on Tuesday.

The proposed legislation comes more than a year and a half after state lawmakers legalized cannabis use for adults 21

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10/31 Week Highlights: Grand Openings at Vermont Dispensaries in Montpelier, Morrisville and more – Heady Vermont

It’s no trick – a few more Vermont dispensaries will be opening this week! We have confirmed these openings: Retailers Capital Cannabis Company will be opening in Montpelier on Tuesday, November 1 and Higher Elevation will open in Morrisville on Friday, November 4. We’ll update and re-share this post throughout the week (through Thursday) as we confirm any new store openings.

Below you’ll find grand openings, as well as a list of locally owned and currently operating dispensaries around the state. Read on to find Vermont dispensaries near you!

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Vermont Dispensary Openings This Week Higher Elevation Grand Opening in Morrisville

‘Elevate your experience’ at the grand opening of Higher Elevation! For the first time ever, Higher Elevation will have its doors open and ready for sales from 10am until 7pm this Friday, November 4. Shelves will be stocked with glass of all varieties, treats and goodies, CBD products, and of course, the one thing we’ve all been waiting for…

Stay in the know by following @higherelevationvt on Instagram, and stay on the lookout for their very special giveaway.


Capital Cannabis Company Grand Opening in Montpelier

Whether you’re ‘canna-curious’

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Workers at Sunnyside dispensary unionize – WCLO

Workers at the Sunnyside cannabis dispensary in South Beloit are now part of the Teamsters Local 777.

President Jim Glimco says there worker’s hard work, dauntlessness, and passion will get them a strong contract when they go to the bargaining table.

Glimco says at one point during the organizing drive, they were able to get three people their jobs back Sunnyside after they were initially terminated.

Glimco says 93 percent of the workers at Sunnyside in South Beloit voted to join the union.

Founded in 1937, Teamsters Local 777 represents workers in a wide variety of industries throughout the Chicago area.

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Condo association fighting Story Dispensary reloads for another Hoboken Planning Board hearing –

As the controversial Story Dispensary recreational cannabis application heads to its fifth planning board hearing, a group determined to block it says it has discovered troubling details about the business’ lease — including who holds it and who holds options to purchase the property.

In an Oct. 28 letter sent to the board — which Story’s attorney describes as “wildly off-base” — the condominium association at 51-53 14th Street, where the business would be located, says that Aaron Epstein, contracted by the dispensary to provide management services, has leased the ground floor of the building and will sublet it to the dispensary.

The 51-53 14th Street Condominium Association says this contradicts what Epstein previously testified as to the extent of his involvement in the business. The letter points out that LLC designated as the lessee is listed with the address of a property owned by Epstein.

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Guidance On How To Open A Cannabis Dispensary In New York, That Is, When The Time Comes – Benzinga

Last week, the New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) provided guidance for those seeking to operate within the state’s recreational market.

The move represents “a clear sign” that the agency is “gearing up” to issue CAURD licenses, says Harris Bricken’s Simon Malinowski.

Guidance for Adult-Use Dispensaries,” a series of regulations for Conditional Adult-Use Retails Dispensary (CAURD) licensees and applicants, was released on Friday, following Gov. Kathy Hochul’s recent remark that New York is “on track” to kick off cannabis sales within months, building on her previous promise that the state would launch 20 dispensaries by the end of 2022, reported The City.

In January, Hochul published an extensive State of the State book, laying out the plan for 2022, including support for social equity applicants within the state’s burgeoning marijuana market with $200 million.

The Regulations

Meanwhile, the document features requirements and operational rules covering everything from operations to sales, delivery and distribution while providing insight into the OCM’s plans for issuing licenses.

“[T]his guidance document serves to provide the framework that will assist [CAURD] licensees in planning for how to operate their dispensary before regulations are formally adopted,” the document says.

However, the guidelines provided by OCM are not yet adopted and enacted as rules,

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The Best Dispensaries In Oregon –

It’s safe to say that Electric Lettuce has built an outstanding reputation among Oregon’s stoner community, having 14 locations throughout the state.

Still, each shop is just as friendly, welcoming, and helpful as the last, with a product selection that’s sure to impress.

This recreational cannabis dispensary invites you to take a trip back in time, snag some bud, or tune in and enjoy the tunes on vinyl or righteous memorabilia from the 60s and 70s.

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Mississippi Announces More Provisionally Licensed Medical Cannabis Businesses Coming Online – Cannabis Business Times

Various hemp cannabinoid products in the marketplace may not have the same cannabinoid content as their labels state, and they may contain harmful contaminants, sources tell Cannabis Business Times.

As CBT has reported, “lab shopping” is an issue that occurs in state-legal cannabis markets. There is evidence that some cannabis producers look to work with labs to inflate THC potency results to meet consumer knowledge and demand for high-THC products, and some producers search for labs that will provide favorable test results for microbiological contaminants, pesticides or residual solvents, according to CBT’s sources.

But lab shopping is also happening in the hemp industry, with some producers searching for lab partners that will deflate hemp THC potency results to below the 0.3% delta-9 THC federal limit, mislabel content of other cannabinoids—such as CBD, CBG, delta-8, delta-10, THC-O acetate or hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)—and/or not test for contaminants.

Josh Wurzer is president and co-founder of cannabis testing laboratory SC Labs, which operates hemp and cannabis testing labs in several states. He says a portion of hemp producers ask labs for lower potency figures so they can meet the federal 0.3% delta-9 THC limit. He says SC Labs doesn’t honor these requests, but some other labs do.

“So, you

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Therapsil is Going to Ottawa

THERAPSIL – At the end of November, TheraPsil will be going to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to meet with MPs and the Ministers of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos & Carolyn Bennett to request that regulations for access to medical psilocybin are granted without delay.

To support our meetings in Ottawa, we’re asking you, TheraPsil members & supporters, to create advocacy videos & letters directly addressing the Ministers, and asking for regulations to be adopted.

If you’re interested in supporting the campaign with a video or letter, please follow the link below, where you can see sample videos and letters, and submit your own.

Patients need regulations more than ever, as the current exemption schemes available to them aren’t working. They are being forced to break the law to access their medicine, and we want to send a clear message to the Ministers and to all Canadians that psilocybin is a medicine and to deny reasonable access violates our Section 7 rights.


If you have any questions or would like to know how to get further involved, please reach out to me directly using the button below.

Thank you all so much for your continued support,
John Gilchrist

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