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More and more states, including California, Arizona, New Jersey, and Colorado, are legalizing the use of recreational hemp products across the US. Coupled with the 2018 Farm Bill, this legalization has resulted in easier access to THC products.

One of the most popular products is gummies. Delta-8 THC derived from hemp offers effects similar to Delta-9 but minus the extreme psychoactive properties of Delta-9. These gummies are easy to carry and discreet to consume. You can enjoy all the advantages of cannabis without vaping, smoking, or experiencing the harshness of tinctures.

This article highlights all the relevant aspects of buying and consuming THC gummies and lists the top five brands dealing with authentic THC gummies.

Best 5 Delta 8 Brands For THC Gummies In 2022

#1. Exhale Wellness — Overall Best THC Gummies On The Market, Editor’s Pick

#2. BudPop — Potent Gummies Infused With Delta 8

#3. Hollyweed CBD — Pure THC Gummies For Euphoric Feeling

#4. Diamond CBD — Wide Range Of Weed Gummies For Relaxation

#5. 3Chi — Most Popular Marijuana Gummies, Variety Of Flavors

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best THC Gummies On The Market, Editor’s Pick An Overview

Exhale Wellness is located in Los

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