23 more pot shop licenses approved for Long Island – Newsday

The state on Monday approved 23 “conditional” cannabis dispensary licenses for Long Island, bringing the number of businesses approved to open recreational pot shops on the Island to 36.

Regulators voted to issue 99 licenses — nearly a third of the 300 regulators plan to hand out before taking applications from the general public. Another four conditional licenses may be handed out on Long Island, according to Aaron Ghitelman, a spokesman for the state Office of Cannabis Management, which oversees medical and recreational marijuana. 

The conditional licenses give a head start to people penalized under the old drug laws. They’re available to New Yorkers who were — or are related to someone who was — convicted of a marijuana-related offense and have run businesses that turned a profit for at least two years.

The Long Island licenses went to entrepreneurs who have experience selling jewelry, insurance and supplements, according to biographies from OCM.

What to know23 more licenses were issued to businesses that may now open recreational pot shops on Long Island. 13 licenses were previously issued, bringing the total number in the region to 36. Approval of storefronts will be required before dispensaries can open.

The recipients are authorized to open

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