25th Annual 4/20 Protest Set to Bloom In the Legal Cannabis Desert

CANNABIS CULTURE – It’s been six-months since the Canadian Liberal Government imposed their exclusionary legalization plan. Six months, and Canada remains a legal cannabis desert. Even worse, ethically run, job-providing dispensaries have been forced to close nationwide while well-connected licensed producers have come nowhere near supplying the medical market, let alone the recreational one. What product the LPs have been able to produce has been proven to be inferior. This reality, as predicted by Cannabis Culture Magazine and “black market” industry experts, has left Canadian consumers unable to find quality, reliable licensed sources to supply their medicinal and recreational needs. As such, many have returned to reliable illegal sources. In essence, otherwise law-abiding people are forced to be break the law because the law is broken. Business as usual in the cannabis world.

Now, the 25th anniversary of 4/20 – perhaps the single most important date celebrating liberty in the grassroots “illegal” international cannabis community – is less than a month away. Preparations have been ongoing for quite some time to ensure the date is marked accordingly, but despite legalization, there is a shadow hanging over the occasion. Cannabis is less accessible in 2019 than it was just last year.

Since legalization,

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