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Dispensaries across Pennsylvania and New Jersey are celebrating April 20 — also known as Weed Day — with promotions ready to go for patients and adult-use consumers all week long.


Pennsylvania medical discounts

New Jersey medical discounts

New Jersey adult-use discounts

According to legend, the term comes from ‘70s-era California Bay-Area stoners overhearing police use the code “420″ to signal to other officers that someone was smoking marijuana in public. Local weed consumers and fans of The Grateful Dead (or “deadheads”) started using the code when it was time to spark up their favorite flower, usually occurring at 4:20 a.m./p.m. The trend soon turned into an annual gathering on April 20 that kickstarted a national holiday, with its popularity exploding in the ‘90s, according to former High Times magazine editor, Steve Bloom.

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Today, with the legal weed industry booming, cannabis companies celebrate 4/20 by offering discounts on products at their dispensaries. If you need a refresher on cannabis, <a data-link-type="article-body" href="https://www.inquirer.com/philly-tips/marijuana-weed-laws-rights-pennsylvania-philly-nj-20230417.html"

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