4/20 Miracle? Miami's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Might Finally Be Allowed to Open – Miami New Times

Stoners and occasional tokers would likely agree that weed can make you a little slow — but not nearly as slow as the City of Miami in deciding whether medical marijuana dispensaries can operate within city limits.

In the six years since the Sunshine State legalized medicinal weed, not a single medical marijuana dispensary has opened in Miami city limits. It’s not from a lack of entrepreneurial interest (more on that later) but a seemingly moot point about whether the state’s constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana trumps the federal ban on it: None of the 27 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in Miami-Dade have yet to report any raids by the federal government.

This has created a curious conundrum: For years, eligible patients have been prescribed a medical marijuana card from any number of doctors in the City of Miami, including at a Miracle Leaf medical center in Coconut Grove or a DoctorsRx in downtown, yet have to take their prescription to another municipality to fill it. For example, a resident can be prescribed medical marijuana in Coconut Grove yet have to drive roughly 3.5 miles away to Coral Gables to fill the prescription at the nearest dispensary.

Dr. Fernando Fandiño-Sende, a doctor at LifeCannMD in Miami’s

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