4/20 Norway: Civil Disobedience for Human Rights

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Alliance for Rights-Oriented Drug Policy (AROD) and the Patient Association for Safe Cannabis Use (PASCAN) will have a demonstration for human rights outside the Norwegian Director of Public Prosecutions office on 20 April 2023 at 1400-1600 hrs. 

The purpose of the rally is to ensure accountability in drug policy, as the Norwegian Supreme Court and the Storting protect the drug law from inquiry. For 14 years, Norwegian drug users have asked for human rights protection, but the justice system continues to turn a blind eye to allegations of a connection between the drug policy and the arbitrary persecution of the past and guarantees of legal certainty are neglected.

The damage to the rule of law is profound, because several reports testify to the failure of the legislative to protect the rights of drug users. Most recently, in January 2023, the Committee for conduct, integrity, and conflict of interest in law enforcement noted a conflict between administrative law and rights law, where human rights have come out short. Its call for leadership is met with the resistance that is characteristic of a toxic culture, and civil society has had several rallies to promote effective minority protection. The

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