4/20 – the Teen Pot Holiday

CANNABIS CULTURE – “It is a new form of tyranny by the old over the young. You have the adult with a cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in the other saying ‘you cannot’ to the child. This is untenable.” 

– Margaret Mead, October 27th, 1969 (1)

Image #1: UPI, October 28th, 1969

Because of the massive amount of stigma foisted upon teen cannabis use these days, the role of teens in the legalization movement – and in the creation of the 4/20 holiday – have been downplayed or ignored by some activists. 

This is a big problem, because the way the current pot cartel has been justified has been to argue that cannabis is a hard drug – it always harms teens – and it should be tightly regulated. 

There is a tonne of evidence that this “pot is a hard drug” argument is just more reefer madness (2) – just slightly more sophisticated than the 1930s version – but instead of cops making the reefer madness argument, it’s academics, and instead of using it to justify a total prohibition, it instead is being used to justify tight regulations

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