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In 2021, CA’s cannabis industry posted a hefty $5.2 billion in sales according to end-of-year reports from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA).

That’s enough to make most people think that security is probably a good investment, but in a state that still has more than 30,000 people behind bars for marijuana-related crimes (that are no longer crimes), there is another layer to the importance of private security for marijuana dispensaries – police allegedly looking the other way during dispensary theft. 

Multiple accounts of police disinterest (at best) and corruption (at worst) have been made amidst the increased theft in the cannabis dispensary space, allowing for private security firms to have opportunities to “grow” their own businesses alongside the pot shops they service by offering both physical security from thieves and legal security from the state. 

Below this list of cannabis security firms is an in-depth look at the whats and whys pertaining to some of the services they provide. 

Best Dispensary Security in California

Here is a  look at some of the best security firms in California that have been marketing themselves to cannabis dispensary owners, and what they offer compared to other private security firms. 

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