5 Pounds of Marijuana Donated to a Florida Thrift Store – Bud Digest

Four bags of vacuum-sealed marijuana turned up inside a tote bag near the clothing drop-off area outside the store, officials with the Sarasota Police Department told Fox 13.

Employees at the Pines Thrift Store in Sarasota, Florida, are curious after finding nearly 5 pounds of marijuana outside the shop last week.

The cops were called after an employee opened the bag and saw marijuana in the pouch.

The pot weighed about 4.7 pounds and is worth an estimated $5,400, ABC News reported.

To date, no arrests have been made, according to Fox 13, however, the Sarasota Police Department sent the bags off for testing to find the source if possible. The surveillance footage of the area is also being checked to help them in their investigation.

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