5 Wild Things I Learned Analyzing 23,000 Illegal Drugs

I founded a community program called Get Your Drugs Tested in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada. We have a storefront where anyone can come and get their drugs analyzed for free, plus we also accept samples by mail. We pay for it all with revenue from our medicinal cannabis dispensary, one of the few pre-legalization legacy weed shops still operating.People drop by with a teeny-tiny sample of pretty much any kind of pill or drug, which we analyze with a fancy spectrometer and give them results in about ten minutes. Unlike the way your roommates take samples from your stash, we give it back when we’re done with it. We can’t test herbs like cannabis or kratom, but we can and will analyze everything else. Which is kind of important, because … 5 – That Molly You Bought Might Contain Something Else

Let’s start by talking psychedelics. We’ve tested about 400 samples of LSD, and our results show that when it’s on a blotter, you’re pretty safe. Out of the samples that show something fishy, we’ve had a couple show up as inert and just one that seemed to have a different psychedelic on it than LSD. However, when you’ve got yourself a white powder, you run

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