6 Reasons This Coachella Cannabis Dispensary Is Our Favorite Place to “Buy Ourselves Flowers” – Locale Magazine

In the heart of Coachella, Lighthouse Dispensary welcomes cannabis aficionados and newcomers to experience the power of the flower in a whole new way. Not just a place to purchase cannabis, Lighthouse Dispensary is a haven where luxury meets personalized service, offering a distinctive experience that goes beyond the conventional. From its state-of-the-art and pet-friendly space to its expertly curated product selection, every detail at Lighthouse Dispensary is designed with the customer in mind. Here are six reasons why this Coachella dispensary is our favorite spot to “buy ourselves flowers.”

1 | Exclusive Cannabis Collections

Credit: Brad Melshenker

Credit: Giancarlo Franco

For those who seek exclusivity, Lighthouse Dispensary is a treasure trove. Home to premium brands such as Fig Farm, 710 Labs, Original’s and Street Kings LA, this Coachella dispensary offers an array of top-notch products. These curated selections are not just about luxury; they represent the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship, offering a sophisticated experience for the discerning consumer. Dive into a comprehensive selection of both classic and cutting-edge cannabis strains, each boasting unique terpene profiles.

2 | Diverse Price Range: Catering to Every Budget Credit: Brad Melshenker

Understanding that every customer has unique preferences and budgets, Lighthouse

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