7 Absolutely Necessary Tips for New Cannabis Entrepreneurs – HuffPost

It is your time. The cannabis industry is booming, the green rush is thriving forward and you want your piece of this marijuana-laced pie—and that you should. Here’s the thing, though—as exciting as it is to have the space and opportunity to embark on a canna-journey there are also some entrepreneurial realities you need to couple with your big, lucrative industry dreams.

Below you will find absolutely necessary tips on how to realistic launch this quest into the new frontier of cannabusiness. Read and take heed.

1. Use What You Have to Get What You Want

Stop asking what you need to do to get into the industry. You’re already doing it right now! That job you have, those skills you’ve acquired, those needs you so adequately meet, the idea you’ve been pondering – THAT’s what you do to get into cannabiz.

Try not to overthink it. You’re already fully equipped for the cannabis industry you just have to DO. Take a step, any step, and keep stepping until you find yourself headed in the right direction. Write down your plan, send an email, follow those in your industry on social media, sign up for newsletters, check out local canna-events, submerge yourself and flourish.

2. Set realistic goals

We’re all, admittedly, wide-eyed when entering the canna-space. How could we not be?! We’re embarking on a new terrain and the possibilities are seemingly endless. That being said, set your goals, aim as high as you can, see that pie in the sky then throw 3 cans of real life shit on top of it for added flavor.

Yes, you can do exactly what you set out to do, yes, you’re going to scale, sell and glitter at the top, yes, it’ll all be worth it, but no, it

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