7 Ways to Boost Your Dispensary Design – NewsWatch

The legalization path is unstoppable; 31 states allow its medical use, and 19 states don’t have any objections to recreational weed use. Thus, the American nation is on the path to increasing weed acceptance at multiple levels – as a sedative, a creativity booster, or a fun aid at parties and go-togethers. 

The number of cannabis dispensaries grows with the rising demand for certified, legal merchandize. Still, opening a dispensary is not a guaranteed revenue stream for a businessperson. You need to make your point of sale stand out and attract customers with a unique feel and brand identity. 

When customers think, “what’s the best dispensary near me?” they should recall your dispensary first. So, how to achieve the wow effect and raise a loyal customer base with exceptional dispensary design? Here are a couple of tips from expert designers with weed domain experience. 

#1 Forget About the Hippy Culture 

The times of underground stoner culture and imagery are long gone. At least, they don’t work in the legal domain, as customers coming to an official dispensary for medical

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