8 Ways to Deal With an Immense THC Tolerance

Realistically,it’s impossible to avoid building a somewhat developed and strong tolerance toTHC over time. It’s the same with any drug – the more you use it, the greaterthe resistance your body develops to it and the more you need. Some stay inlightweight territory for their entire lives, but most will inevitably findthemselves struggling to reach the same high after years of continuous cannabisuse.

Sooneror later, showing off about your enormousTHC  tolerancebecomes something of a hollow victory. You may be a legend in the eyes ofinexperienced stoners, but the inability to get high is no laughing matter. Thehigher your tolerance climbs, the more you have to smoke (and spend) to achieveeven the remotest buzz.

Thequestion being – what can you do to combat an immense THC tolerance, withoutresorting to extremes?

Mercifully,there are countless avenues to explore that can make a real difference. So ifyou’re finding it increasingly difficult to get high, consider trying one (ormore) of the following:

1.  Experiment with new strains

Firstup, just because you’re almost completely immune to one strain doesn’t meanyou’ll have the same resistance to an entirely different strain. Believe it ornot, it’s exclusively about the THCcontent of the cannabis you consume. It’s therefore worth experimenting with

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