9 Barriers To Marijuana Legalization in Texas

Legalization in Texas might be closer than we think, but the reality is that despite the state’s fierce individuality and believe in personal liberties, the red state mentality still largely applies to the green stuff. Here are ten barriers that are keeping Texas from making like Peter Tosh and legalizing it.

Representative Pete Sessions Hates Marijuana With a Passion

Based on his relentless anti-weed stance, you’d think marijuana stole Pete Sessions’ high school girlfriend. The most anti-pot crusader in the House of Representatives serves the 32nd District which covers a suburban area North of Dallas (shocking). He’s chairman of the House Committee on Rules, so his narc mentality isn’t surprising, but his actions are often unreasonable even by drug war standards and has caused pro-marijuana Super PACs to put a bounty on his seat. He has blocked cannabis business developments like bank access and tax deductions, but also brought additional regulation to the medical side, including a bill to stop veterans access. He even conflated marijuana with the opioid crisis, hijacking a summit on the epidemic to push his no-one-should-get-stoned agenda.

Even Some Severe Epileptics Can’t Get CBD Oil

If you’re looking for another discouraging news story about lack of

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