95-year-old dispensary awaits miracle – The Nation

Attock – A government rural dispensary (GRD) established almost 95 years ago is waiting for a miracle as it has been completely ignored by the health authorities for quite a long time. As per the Attock district gazetteer, this dispensary was established in 1926. This GRD during the last 95 years has been providing health facilities but now for the last some years, it is being ignored by the authorities and no funds are released specially for its maintenance.

This dispensary at present has a qualified MBBS doctor and medicines are also available but the building and furniture give a look of old relics as its maintenance has not been done for the last two decades.

People of more than 20 villages which include Nilhad, Dhok Bhangi Khel, Sukhwan, Dhok Rehmat, Lunda, Bandiwan, Dhok Haji Ramzan, Bhatha, Chhoi, Naka Khurd, Naka Afghan Dhok Sherin visit it. Beside this, people from KP areas who live in areas near Makhad Sharif which include Shakardara, Rehman Abad, Chishmi, Jamal Mela also visit this dispensary to avail healthcare facilities. 

Maintenance work not carried out since 2 decades

According to medical officer GRD Makhad, sufficient medicines are available and one dispenser is also

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