A Class Proves That Growing Cannabis Is Anything But Simple – Seven Days

click to enlarge Elizabeth M. Seyler Hemp in a grow tent at Green State Gardener In 25 years of growing organic veggies, I’ve never met a plant quite like cannabis. It responds to pruning the same way basil or broccoli does — by sending out multiple shoots that eventually flower. It thrives in nutrient-rich soil with the right amounts of light and water. And it’s susceptible to the usual insects and diseases.

But terms like “mother plant,” “screen of green,” and “cloning” never quite enter the conversation when we’re talking tomatoes and peppers.

Those cannabis terms rolled off Jahson Friedman’s tongue on Saturday at Green State Gardener‘s “Free Cultivation Class: Vegging and Flowering” in Burlington. A GSG employee, home cannabis grower and registered medical cannabis user, Friedman is a consummate practitioner of the art and science of nurturing  the flowering plant.

More than 35 men and women, from twentysomethings to seventysomethings, attended the class. It was the third in a four-class series GSG is offering this fall to the general public on growing cannabis, including best practices for germination, propagation and harvest as well as essential supplies and setups.

“Green State Gardener is part of the medical marijuana or hemp economy,” said general manager Kelsy Raap as she welcomed the group. GSG is a Burlington-based company that provides indoor gardening supplies and information to the cannabis industry nationwide. The bulk of its sales are from cannabidiol, aka CBD, products and from special soil products and equipment for growing medical marijuana and high-CBD hemp in the home.

The Saturday class would focus on high-CBD hemp plants grown indoors under the GSG hemp license, said 34-year-old Raap.

“We encourage everyone interested in growing cannabis to join Vermont’s Hemp [Registration] Program,” added Raap, emphasizing that the program not only allows the state to monitor and support the

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