A Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside a Dispensary. Genius Move or Inappropriate? – Green Entrepreneur

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In an example of providing supply where there’s plenty of demand, an enterprising Girl Scout in Arizona (accompanied by her mom) recently decided to sell cookies outside of a Tempe dispensary. You don’t need an MBA to know cookies and cannabis go together. 

But the Girls Scouts organization did not support the idea of mixing Thin Mints and marijuana. After getting word about what the Girl Scout had done, they shut the operation down.

“Our policy is that girls cannot sell in or in front of any establishment that they themselves cannot patronize or enter,” Felicia Thompson, senior director of marketing and communications with Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine, told KPNX NBC 12 in Phoenix.

But not everyone agrees with this decision. 

Local resident Scott Carabal noted that grocery stores sell alcohol, but scouts can sell cookies outside of them. “I think we should have a little more leniency towards certain things [like] when it comes to cannabis and marijuana,” he said.

He also said when his daughter grows up, she wouldn’t mind her selling cookies outside of a dispensary. “I think there’s nothing wrong with it.”

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