A Guidebook of the Coolest Cannabis Destinations in the US – Portland Monthly

In 2014, when Roseburg-raised Lauren Yoshiko started writing about weed for Willamette Week, she used a pen name. She didn’t want to be so open about her knowledge of cannabis, which at that point in Oregon was legal only for medical use. Instead, her alt-weekly strain reviews were published under “Mary Romano.”

Lauren Yoshiko

Ten years later, Yoshiko’s name—her real one—is on the cover of Green Scenes, a just-published travel guide to cannabis destinations and experiences across the US. (For the record, Yoshiko ditched the WW pseudonym after a year. For further record, she and I have also worked together.)

The book, which pushes 300 pages, is testament to the legal, economic, and cultural transformation that’s taken place over the last decade. Oregon, at the vanguard when it voted to legalize recreational use in 2014, is now one of 24 states where adults can pop into a dispensary for a joint or a tin of THC mints. And in many of these states, as Green Scenes documents in vivid and lively detail, they can do a lot more, including book a cannabis-friendly treehouse, enjoy an infused dinner cooked by a Michelin-starred chef,

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