A Look Back at California Cannabis in 2022

The year 2022 was a busy one for the California cannabis industry, with everything from tax reform to the beginning of enforcement. In this post, I’ll go back through some of the highlight’s for California’s cannabis industry last year.

California hints at enforcement?

Anyone who knows anything about California cannabis knows that the regulators simply do not take enforcement seriously. Probably the biggest complaint our California cannabis team hears is just how bad of a job the state has done in terms of letting the illegal market fester. A few things happened in 2022 that indicate the agencies may be changing their approach.

First, our cannabis team saw a big uptick in inspections by the state Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and by local agencies. From what we’ve seen, DCC will often drop in with little to no advanced notice and demand that a licensee cure a series of regulatory violations in an exceedingly short time. It’s hard to read the tea leaves in a lot of cases – inspections can be a prelude to enforcement, but they can also be a way for the agencies to spur compliance without clogging up the court system.

In a much more highly publicized

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