A look inside operations at gLeaf dispensary and grow house – Frederick News Post

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For this episode of the UnCapped podcast, host Chris Sands headed to gLeaf to talk with general manager Mike Goldstein, regional marketing manager Matt Jenner and senior corporate trainer Kristin Cousin. The Frederick-based gLeaf is a grower, processor and dispenser of cannabis. They talk about the steps they’ve taken to prepare for July 1, when recreational use is legalized in Maryland, as well as the history of the company, their products and what the future holds for them. Here is an excerpt of their talk.

UnCapped: We’re gonna start off by talking about what is probably the biggest news in your world right now, which is in Maryland on July 1, recreational use of cannabis is fully legalized. … I think when medical was passed, a lot of people I talked to were like, “It’ll be five years, and then recreational will pass.” You could just see the steps that were being taken to ease people into the idea that people would be allowed to smoke “devil’s lettuce” without repercussions. I think it was almost five years exactly. First it

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