A magic mushroom dispensary is about to open in Montreal. The only problem? It’s illegal – Yahoo News Canada

Fun Guyz, a store that sells illegal magic mushrooms, is slated to open in Montreal on Tuesday. (Matthew Lapierre/CBC – image credit)

A shop that sells illegal hallucinogenic mushrooms is set to open a Montreal location on Tuesday, risking a police raid and the possible arrest of their employees.

The shop, Fun Guyz, advertises itself as a “medical” dispensary that sells magic mushrooms, a type of fungi that is considered a hallucinogen.

The production, sale and possession of magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada, except for some medical contexts which require special permission from Health Canada.

But the people behind Fun Guyz say they should be legalized.

A person reached by phone at the Montreal location on Monday, who declined to provide their name but said they were a spokesperson for the chain, said the store’s existence is part of a broader push to legalize magic mushrooms.

Fun Guyz already operates 11 locations in Ontario, five of them in Toronto. Police have raided several of the stores, have seized stock and arrested employees, but each store reopened shortly afterward.

Their owners are challenging the charges in court, the spokesperson said.

Jean-Sébastien Fallu, an addictions specialist and assistant professor at the Université de Montréal’s School of Psychoeducation, said the people behind Fun Guyz are engaging

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