A Second Cannabis Dispensary For St. Charles? – foxvalleymagazine.com

During a taping of the Justa Coupla Guys podcast Monday, St. Charles Mayor Lora Vitek confirmed that a Special Use Application has been filed with the city to establish a second cannabis dispensary in St. Charles.

The application was filed on September 13 by Union Group of St. Charles LLC, whose ultimate owner appears to be PTS Corp, a cannabis provider formed in 2015 and currently based in Palatine. The proposed name of the new dispensary is listed as “Consume Cannabis of St. Charles.” The application seeks approval to locate a recreational cannabis dispensary within the Randall Plaza Shopping Center at 584 South Randall Road on the city’s west side.

Mayor Vitek seemed unsurprised.

“We already have one [recreational cannabis dispensary] on the East Side, and that has been very successful for Zen Leaf. And I want to remind people that it’s not only recreational cannabis but also medical, and many people use medical cannabis for their medical ailments and pain that they have. That [site] hasn’t caused any real issues, as our police chief would report. It’s been a very well-run site, it’s a very nice building.”

“The ordinance we passed a few years ago provided for

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