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Want to buy some cannabis? In the United States, 38 states have legalized cannabis for medical use and 24 for recreational use including Illinois. In our twin cities of Champaign-Urbana, we have four dispensaries each with their own vibe, but the process for buying cannabis is standardized. Wondering what exactly is that process? I got you covered, and because I’m a visual learner, I included photos for every step of the buying process. While it’s not illegal to take photos inside a dispensary, it’s still polite to ask, so I reached out to Cloud9 Cannabis‘s Alex Corrao who was super nice and helped make sure everyone in these photos wanted to be in the photos.

Step 1: Prepare

Before going to Cloud9 (or any dispensary), locate your valid government ID and be a person who is 21 years or older. Next, have a valid payment method for the dispensary. Since marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis purchases must be made either with cash or debit card only, so gather one of those and then visit a dispensary.

Alyssa Buckley Step 2: Check in at the dispensary

At every dispensary, doors open first to

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