A Texas dispensary is launching the state’s first medical marijuana chocolate bar – Houston Chronicle

Many believe chocolate can cure a lot of things, such as a sweet tooth craving and a broken heart. And now for Texans who use medical marijuana, chocolate can help deliver treatment for various chronic symptoms.

Goodblend Texas, a San Marcos-based dispensary, today is launching The Heights Dark Chocolate — the state’s first medical marijuana chocolate bar.

The chocolate bar contains 5 mg of THC per square, with 100 mg of THC in each bar.

Gene Tallman, president of goodblend Texas, said chocolate is one of the most widely requested products by customers.

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“Studies suggest that by infusing THC with lipids like those found in chocolate, the beneficial THC experience may be amplified,” Tallman said. “This is great news for patients who need long-lasting relief from conditions such as PTSD, cancer or neurological conditions.”

In the medical marijuana market, chocolate is among the most popular medical formats, Tallman said.

“As soon as we developed a high-quality, consistent and delicious chocolate bar, we were excited to make it available to Texas patients,” Tallman said. “In the future, we hope to offer more than one chocolate flavor so that

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