Acclaimed Writer Rick Steves Urges ‘Yes’ Vote On State Legalization Measures

Famed travel writer Rick Steves is urging voters to support marijuana legalization initiatives where they appear on the ballot and announced that he would virtually campaign for the measures in four states. In a video message released on Friday, Steves noted that he has supported cannabis reform measures since before his home state of Washington legalized the recreational use of marijuana nearly a decade ago.

“I’ve campaigned for marijuana legalization in six different states — Washington (2012), Oregon (2014), Massachusetts and Maine (2016), and Illinois and Michigan (2018) — and in each one, we’ve been successful,” he wrote in a message accompanying the video. “And for 2020, as I’m doing that work from home, I’ll be ‘barn-storming’ virtually in four states: New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, and Montana. We’re polling well in all four states and fully expect to win — as long as people who believe it’s time to update the racist and counterproductive current laws get out to vote.”

The four states Steves will be campaigning in all have initiatives on the November ballot that would legalize the use of cannabis for adults. South Dakota will also be voting on a measure to legalize medical marijuana, as will

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